Bento has written hundreds of articles on business debit cards, business credit cards, virtual cards, virtual card APIs, and many other subjects. They are organized into groups of articles, or hubs for easier reading below.

​Hub: Virtual card articles

Learn about what virtual debit cards and virtual credit cards are and how they work. See what the benefits using a virtual card over a traditional plastic or physical card are. Virtual cards can also help to reduce business spending and fraud risk. Our virtual card hub is a collection of over 15 articles explaining virtual cards in great depth. Visit our hub to see what articles you should read. Virtual card hub

Hub: ​Virtual card APIs

Virtual card APIs allow businesses to generate virtual cards through an application programming interface. Businesses can then use the cards for expense management. Some businesses choose to use it inside the service they offer. Virtual card APIs are a powerful and versatile tool, see our collection of articles below to learn more. Virtual card API hub

Hub: Ghost cards

Ghost cards are one time payment cards that can help add an extra layer of fraud prevention. They are disposable electronic card numbers that employees use to make purchases on behalf of their employer. To learn how ghost cards work read our collection of articles below. Ghost card API hub

Hub: P cards and procurement cards

P cards and procurement cards allow businesses to limit the amount of spending. These cards allow you to limit where the cards may be used, when the card may be used, and how much is spent.The page below is a collection of articles that explain p cards and procurement cards in greater detail. P cards and procurement cards hub

​Hub: Business debit cards

Learn about business debit cards and how they can help you better manage spending. With enhanced controls they make budgeting a breeze. To better understand what a business debit card is and how they can simplify spending you can visit our business debit card hub. It’s a collection of over 35 articles. Plus, it has articles broken down by category so you can find exactly what you need to know without wasting time. Visit our business debit card hub by clicking the link below. Business debit cards hub

​Hub: Business credit cards

To learn about what a business credit card is and how it works visit our collection of articles on the topic. The page contains articles that compare business credit cards to business debit cards. Others talk about how specific organizations use them. For example construction, non-profit, or small business. Visit our collection of business credit card articles by clicking the link below. Business credit card hub

​Hub: Commercial cards, corporate cards and company credit cards

Company credit cards and company debit cards are a rather dense topic. With so many options when it comes to making purchases on behalf of your employer it can be a bit daunting. By visiting our company card hub you can learn about virtual cards and physical cards, credit cards or debit cards, how to better manage your company’s expenses and more. We have over 20 articles that can help you figure out which choice is best for you below. Company cards hub

​Hub: Expense management cards

This webpage includes articles on employee cards, employee expenses, expense management best practices, business receipts and petty cash. Expense management cards

​Hub: Business fraud

To learn about the different types of fraud and see examples so you know how to spot it early visit our business fraud hub which is a web page with over 40 comprehensive articles on all things related to helping prevent fraud and mitigate the risk of it happening. Business fraud hub

​Hub: Gas cards and fuel cards

Being on the road delivering goods and services requires a lot of spending on gas. Instead of using cash or check gas cards and fuel cards make things much simpler. You can rest assured that your funds are safe from card skimmers and that receipts are automatically tagged so tracking funds is easy too. To learn more about gas cards and fuel cards visit our article hub that has a collection of links to 25 articles on them. Gas cards and fuel cards hub

​Hub: Questions about business credit cards and business debit cards

Curious what a business credit card is? Or how a business debit card works? We have meticulously documented how these cards work and what they are. You can find over 80 articles on these different types of cards by visiting our business card hub below. It has broken down the articles into multiple categories, so you can find more in-depth material that matches your unique needs. Questions and answers hub

​Hub: Reloadable debit cards

Reloadable debit cards allow you to add funds to a business debit card. These funds can be used to make purchases on behalf of the business. Once the funds run out, more must be added to use the card. To learn more about these cards and how they can help businesses visit our hub of articles on reloadable debit cards below. Reloadable debit card hub

​Hub: Small business cards

Small business cards are business debit cards or business credit cards that employees use to spend on behalf of their employer. This removes the need for employees to make purchases with cash or checks. Small business debit cards don’t charge interest and the money must be in a business banking account. Small business credit cards do charge interest and don’t require you to have the funds readily available. To learn the benefits and drawbacks of each visit out small business card hub that has over 50 articles on these cards. Small business card hub

​Hub: Visa cards

Visa cards for businesses are used by employees to make purchases on behalf of a business. Both business Visa debit cards and business Visa credit cards features are explained such as expense management and spending controls. Visit our collection of Visa card articles below for a better understanding. Visa card hub

​Hub: Financial glossary

Our financial glossary has over 100+ terms that are useful to know. If you ever find yourself unfamiliar with a term simply view this page and find the definition quickly. Each definition also has a link to a dedicated page on the topic. Financial glosary

​Hub: Accounting debit cards and accounting credit cards

Accounting debit cards and accounting credit cards are helpful for streamlining your firm AP process. You can better enforce expense management policies that will benefit your clients and enable them to set custom spending limits. They can even turn the card on or off remotely if need be. The link below has over 35 different articles explaining accounting cards, and information about accounting in general such as great conferences to attend and accounting tools and strategies. Accounting card hub

​Hub: Church credit cards and church debit cards

You may find yourself asking what is a church card? Well, a church card can be one of two different types of cards, church debit cards or church credit cards. Each has its own unique benefits for different religious organizations so it’s best that you read up on which one is better suited for your needs. The below link will take you to our church card hub that has a collection of about 10 different articles on church cards. Church card hub

​Hub: Construction credit cards and construction debit cards

Construction credit cards and construction debit cards can help a business’s employees make purchases on behalf of their employer. This can benefit both the employer and employee in multiple ways. First, the employer can limit spending by home improvement store or when the card can be used. They can even turn the card on or off remotely. Second, the employee doesn’t have to save receipts or fill out pesky reimbursement forms or wait to get the funds back. Learn more about how these cards can help your construction business by visiting our hub below. It is a collection of over 15 articles on construction cards. Construction card hub

​Hub: Non profit debit cards and non profit credit cards

Non profit cards come in many different types. You can have non profit debit cards or non profit credit cards. To learn more about how non profits of all different shapes and sizes can benefit from better expense management visit the link below. It includes over 25 articles on how non profit cards can help organizations. Non profit card hub

Hub: ​Articles – 1

A set of articles geared towards informing businesses on the expense management tools that they have access too. How they work, who they work best for, and what to look out for. Articles 1

Hub: ​Articles – 2

Articles for managers is the point of this collection of articles. You can find useful content on how to better manage your business. Articles 2

Hub: Articles – 3

Learn about the spending controls that business debit cards give you access to. Where the card is used, when it is used, and how much is spent are all able to be controlled. Articles 3

​Hub: Articles – 4

This page contains a collection of writings on business finance and how you can use modern business spending technology to help better your expense management. Articles 4