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Integrated Dashboard Reporting

Your Financial Health at your fingertips

Easily track your team’s spending and optimize financial planning with Bento’s 360° dashboard view


One-click insight into metrics that drive your business spend

Your Bento dashboard provides a 360° view which allows business owners and admins to track a team’s spending, control payments, and aid in financial planning decisions. With all your essential business information in one convenient dashboard, managing your business spending and employee expenses has never been easier. 

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Top Dashboard Features

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Total Spend

Your Total Spend dashboard gives you a granular look into your business spend. You can choose to look at transactions either by category or users to get an overview of all spending in a given time period. This is a powerful tool to help you look back at your spending patterns and optimize spending for the future. 

Bento Saves

Bento Saves shows you the amount of money saved from unapproved transactions that were declined due to spend controls.

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User Dashboard

Get immediate insights into your employee activity with the User dashboard that displays your employee spend by showing you the number of users you have and your top spenders each month.  

Funds Dashboard

Explore your total, processed and pending purchases in the Funds dashboard. Admins can also easily set automatic balance reloads when account and card balances run low, therefore helping you stay organized and on track 

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Cards Dashboard

The Cards dashboard will show you how many cards you have in use and how many are pending activation. Learn more about our card types here.