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Bento’s iOS and Android apps put the power of a full-featured expense management platform in your pocket. Whether creating cards, managing transactions, capturing receipts, or visualizing business spending, Bento is on the go!

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Real-time expense dashboard

Bento gives you real-time data of your cash flow right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. See your balance, your overall spend, and your expenses broken out by categories in a simple to understand layout. Dig into anything you’d like to learn more about with a simple click.

Control & Manage On The Go

Our mobile app makes it easy for administrators to change card controls on the fly and for users to see where, when, and how much they can use their cards for. Admins can create physical or virtual cards right from the app as well as activate, delete, or reissue cards with one click.

control manage
control manage

AI-enabled receipt capture makes compliance a breeze

Bento’s mobile app allows users to quickly and easily attach receipts to their transactions. With AI-enabled AutoMatch, users simply take a picture of a receipt (or upload one from their phone) and Bento will auto-magically match it to the correct transaction.

Add, view, edit transactions

Admins can view and manage transactions using universal search or filters. Users and/or admins can also Tag transactions or add Notes to provide more details.

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push notification

Push notifications

Receive real-time notifications and alerts along with a receipt upload reminder after every transaction.