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User-Friendly Spend Reporting

Gain a 360-degree View of Your Business Spending

Real-time visibility into transactions and cash flow allow you to manage your budget and forecast effectively.



Eliminate Expense Reports

Let’s face it – no one likes to fill out expense reports. With Bento’s pre-approved controls, AI receipt capture, ability to add tags and notes, and easy search and filtering tools, your team doesn’t need to spend hours on paperwork. They get to focus on productivity and you don’t have to chase down expenses anymore.

Tags and Notes

Bento Tags allow you to tag transactions to better organize your spending. Tags are free-form and can be used for any purpose. 

Want to keep all expenses related to a project or event in one place? Create a Bento Tag for that. Want to organize your General Ledger a certain way? Bento Tags can help with that, too!

Bento also lets you add Notes to every transaction. Need to show who was in attendance at a business lunch? Add their names to Notes. 

Want your drivers to add mileage info at each fill-up? Notes is a great place to do that as well. Bento Tags and Notes are fully searchable and exportable so your unstructured data becomes a valuable compliance and planning tool.

accounting integration

Accounting Integrations

Bento allows you to map and export your transactions to your core accounting system so that your books can be kept updated at all times. 

Receipt Capture

Chasing down receipts is an arduous task for most finance professionals. Well, we can help with that. It’s easy and intuitive to attach receipts to Bento transactions and we will even remind your busy employees to do so. Learn more about our AI-enabled receipt capture here.

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