Invoice Payments

B2B Payment Solutions, Simplified

Bento Pay™ combines the simplicity of consumer payments with enterprise-grade security and powerful controls to create the best way for businesses to pay other businesses.

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  • Invoice payment representation using email address Send a B2B payment anytime with just the payee’s email address
  • Representation of security restriction on digital payments Allow or restrict any of your admins from making payments
  • Representation of managing and tracking digital payments Create and track all payments and payees in one place

How It Works

Smooth, Secure, Flexible

A digital payment solution built for business

Great for Bento users

  • No more writing checks or sharing card info over the phone
  • Works for any vendor, no matter their payment preference
  • Bento Pay™ is built into your account - easily manage all expenses in one place!

Great for payees

  • Receive B2B payments instantly and choose how to be paid
  • No sharing of sensitive bank info with sender
  • No account setup needed to get paid

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