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Auto Categorization

Get granular with your accounting

Further automate your accounting and reconciliation process with the ability to set rules to categorize your transactions automatically.  

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Are you and all your bookkeepers spending additional time sorting out and categorizing your transactions when closing your books? If so, this feature is just for you! 

Auto Categorization allows you and your bookkeepers to drill down further on setting transaction categorization rules so that they are properly cataloged in the Bento system and also downstream to the GL account, Class, and Location in your accounting system. This would reduce the time it takes to close your books and reduce the need for manual administrative updates.  

This functionality gives all Account Owners and Admins with relevant permissions the ability to: 

Set rules for each
type of transaction 

Have categories auto-populate
for each transaction

Set rules based on a specific user, card, department, merchant, or merchant category 

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Auto Categorization

You can set specific rules for automatically adding GL account, Location, and Class to transactions. Create new rules, edit existing ones, and archive rules no longer needed anytime in real time! 

Bento GL Accounts

Choose whether or not to give your users the ability to edit GL account, Location, and Class in their transactions by simply toggling the button.  

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