Solutions for Accountants and Controllers

Enable a healthy spend culture with spend policies built into your cards and consolidate all business related expenses on to one, easy-to-use intuitive platform. 

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Visibility and Control into Truly Managing Cash Flow Better

  • Issue plastic and virtual corporate debit cards to each member of your business
  • Build your spending policies into each card using our industry-leading control options.
  • Keep your books up to date by automatically syncing transactions to the General Ledger (GL)
  • Our system automatically sends reminders for missing receipts at the end of the month

Close Your Books Faster

Free up your valuable time to focus on high-value tasks. No more having to manually chase expense receipts and create reports. Continual syncing to the GL means you won’t be scrambling at month-end to pull together the numbers.

Accounting Software
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Do it all on a Single, Unified Platform

Using siloed systems for all your business expenses is difficult to keep a track of and therefore highly inefficient. The Bento for Business spend management platform allows you to manage all aspects of your business expenses on one platform. Our platform offers real-time visibility into all your spending with deep data analytics so you can make better-informed business decisions.

Endless Possibilities with Bento for Business

Robust Spend

Controls Setting up spend controls on each card ensures that all company expenses fall within your budget and are pre-approved before employees use their cards.

Strategic Budget

Planning Develop a budget, improve forecasts, and optimize cash flow based on real-time access to spend patterns and data.

Predictable Outcomes

Improve operational efficiency and reduce process variation to achieve more predictable outcomes with Bento.