Solutions for Budget Administrators

Industry-leading Card Controls, Reporting and Reconciliation Tools for easy and accurate budget planning.  


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Real-time Visibility and Control

As a Budget Administrator, you’re responsible for making sure company funds are used strategically. Bento’s easy-to-use controls allow you to set controls on employee spending and change them as needed. 

You get control over cash accounts, receipt capture, and easy integration with major accounting packages. With Bento you get the data you need and time to make value-added business decisions instead of chasing down paper reports, saving you millions of dollars that can be invested back into your organization.

Real-time Reporting

As a Budget Administrator, you need an overview of all spending without having to reach out to Accounting and Finance teams for interim reports.  Bento gives you full access to all the data and insights you need in real-time to manage budgets strategically. 




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Get the Most Out of What Bento Can Do for You

Control, Empowerment, Efficiency

Flexible controls empower employees to spend money to do their jobs. Eliminate reimbursement hassles while maintaining budget integrity.

Keep Reliable, Accurate Records

With Bento, you have knowledge of business expenses and spending at any given point in time, as well as providing real-time tracking and valuable security.

Eliminate Expense Reports

Employees have a budget and expense controls. Receipts are captured in the app. It all syncs with your accounting system for seamless expense management