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Six Ways to Control Spending.
Six Ways to Save Money.

This is how much money our customers have saved to date with our simple yet powerful card controls. We can help you, too.
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We realized savings almost immediately—nearly $30,000, in fact—in just the first six months of using Bento cards.

Allison LopezCOO | Precision Facility Services

Reduce fraud, control your budget, and protect your company’s bottom line.

  1. Card on and off at any time.
  2. Set a spending amount per day, week, or month: whatever makes sense for your business.
  3. Limit spending to certain days of the week. No more accidental weekend use!
  4. Limit the merchant categories where the cards can be used. Instead of everyone being able to spend everywhere, you can set your Bento cards for use at fuel pumps by people with company vehicles, restaurants by salespeople who take clients to lunch, and office supply retailers by the branch manager.
  5. Turn on international use only when needed. Make life hard for scammers overseas.
  6. Allow online and telephone purchasing as needed (Card Not Present restriction).

The flexibility lets you adapt the card to your needs. Cards can be assigned to employees, vendors, or business units. You can create cards and set controls to meet business needs, then reset them as needed.

Bento’s Controls Save Time and Money.

Bento’s controls save you both time and money. You can see the money saved on your Bento dashboard. Our customers report time savings, too:

  • If an employee normally works in the office but needs to travel to attend a conference, you can turn the card on to cover the trip expenses, then turn it off when the employee returns. You set the budget at the time of the trip. All receipts are captured in the My Bento app, so there’s no need for expense reports.
  • While shopping on the weekend, an employee might accidentally pull out the Bento card instead of a personal credit card. Use the day of the week card control to turn off weekend use, and the charge won’t go through. Sure, your employee would have paid you back, but now you’re saved the hassle of the conversation and arranging for reimbursement.
  • If a card is lost or stolen, it can be turned off instantly, saving you the headache of tracing unauthorized purchasing and filing claims for them.
Business colleagues use the Bento for Business spend management app on a smartphone

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