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Virtual Debit Cards

More Possibilities to Use Your Bento Account with Virtual Cards

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Two great card options, to provide you complete control and flexibility to create and use these cards in a manner that suits your business needs to the tee

Spend Limit Virtual Debit Cards

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Spend Limit virtual cards are perfect for everyday use and are ideal as the primary card type for your day-to-day business needs and spending. These cards are useful for those expenses that require card users or cardholders to submit receipts.

Bento’s virtual debit cards only take a few minutes to create and are aesthetically visible for you to access when you log in to your Bento account.

Your cards get activated automatically and instantly upon card creation. You can also turn on/off any card at any time in real-time, making them easy and secure to use. 

You can set detailed spending limits and card controls for each card, just as you do for your Bento physical debit cards. The card controls you can set for each card are choosing particular days of the week when a card will be active, choose the merchant categories at which the card can be used, and restrict international transactions to limit the use of the card within the United States. For Spend Limit virtual debit cards, you can define the spending limit for each card.

Here are a couple of ways you can use your Bento Spend Limit virtual debit cards as applicable to your specific business needs:

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Primary Virtual Corporate Cards

Spend Limit virtual cards are ideal for regular business expenses, hence these are appropriate as your primary virtual corporate business debit cards. These can be issued to employees for day-to-day expenses and the funds are pulled from your Bento account.

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Purchase Cards

Spend Limit virtual cards are ideal for allowing authorized personnel or employees to buy goods and services. These cards are especially helpful for construction companies that have multiple employees and vendors who purchase building materials.


Travel and Entertainment (T&E)

Spend Limit cards are a great option to manage all travel spending in one place. You can also prevent unauthorized international spending by temporarily deactivating or turning off the card when the employee is not traveling for business.

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Ghost Cards

Depending on the industry your business caters to and your business needs, you can use Spend Limit cards to manage one-off payments to third parties without sharing your primary card details or banking information.

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Subscription Cards

As a business, you must be having a plethora of subscriptions to licenses and software and can be difficult to track. This allows your bookkeeper to keep a track of all your subscriptions in one place and determine if it needs to be renewed or not.

Fixed Value Virtual Debit Cards

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Fixed Value virtual cards are useful for one-off payment requests or specific purposes, such as paying your vendors and for employee perks such as per diems. These cards are ideal for those expenses that do not require card users or cardholders to submit receipts. 

All Fixed Value virtual cards can be created and managed from our web app or mobile app Cards dashboard within a couple of minutes. Both card options, Spend Limit cards and Fixed Value cards, are aesthetically visible on the Cards dashboard on the Bento platform. You can create both card types from one screen in a couple of clicks. It is fast, easy, and intuitive. 

While you can use these cards as applicable to your specific business needs, here are some suitable use cases for your Bento Fixed Value corporate debit cards:

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Per Diem Cards

You can use our Fixed Value cards as a per diem card for members of your business who go on business trips or to provide employee perks like free meals. Issuing Fixed Value virtual cards for such use cases minimizes the time spent on reimbursements and tracking receipts.

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Vendor Management Cards

Fixed Value cards serve as an ideal card on file option for regular vendors or as a one-time option for vendors. Issuing Fixed Value virtual debit cards to vendors, contractors, or individuals outside your organization, helps protect you from unnecessarily putting your banking information or primary card details out there.

Practical Card Controls for Your Virtual Visa® Business Debit Cards

We offer a range of card controls that help streamline your spending and business expense management to the tee. These card controls help monitor and control your user/employee spending within your allocated budget. Leveraging your virtual card controls also helps reduce the risk of fraud associated with issuing cards and prevents the card from being used at locations and for purposes that are outside your business’ scope or spending habits. 

Making the most of the card controls allows you to better use all the analytic tools that Bento offers to track and break down expenses. You can do an analysis on each user card or vendor card or you can analyze the expenses on a company level category-wise. Define how your company will use Spend Limit virtual debit cards and Fixed Value virtual debit cards so that they are not used interchangeably. Each card type has been designed with specific use cases in mind and these card controls help enforce those use cases.

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Category Controls

Category Controls allow you to decide where your employees can use their cards. Categories are groups of existing Merchant Category Codes (MCC) used to classify businesses and stores by specific market segments. MCC’s are 4-digit codes assigned to all businesses and stores by credit card companies. This helps you narrow down on what categories are applicable to your business.

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Instant Availability

Bento’s virtual debit cards are instantly generated and stored online in your account, ready for use as soon as they are created. Set detailed spending limits and card controls on these virtual cards the same way you do with Bento physical cards. Retrieve virtual card information online for one-off online purchases, add custom controls to cards for recurring payments, or share unique card numbers with different billers for better tracking. The possibilities are endless!

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Active On Controls

Based on the type of business you run or the industry you cater to, you can choose to either enable or disable your cards on particular days of the week. This prevents card users from using the card on unauthorized days (e.g.: weekends, etc.). This is also a great feature for employees that only work on certain days of the week, such as freelancers or independent contractors.

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Restrict International Transactions

Bento Visa® business virtual debit cards can be used anywhere in the world where Visa cards are accepted. When you create a virtual card for users, the card is restricted from processing international transactions by default. Enable this feature if you want to limit the use of the card within the United States. This can again be disabled when an employee travels internationally for business.  


Benefits of Your Bento Virtual Debit Card

Virtual debit cards can be more efficient and secure than physical cards.

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Speed, Security, and Scalability

Bento virtual cards meet the versatile purchasing needs of your business and offer more speed and security than traditional physical cards. Choosing a virtual card vs. a physical card gives you instant access to your card instead of having to wait for your card to arrive in the mail. 

Issue each individual of your company their own card to avoid the sharing of card numbers or cards, which is usually the case with corporate credit cards. This makes it difficult to pin down spends and who made them. It also makes it difficult to control spending and presents surprises at the end of the billing cycle. When each employee has their own debit card with set controls on them, it reduces the risk of unauthorized and fraudulent spending. It encourages spending within your budget! You also get instant notifications as and when a transaction is made, allowing you to keep track of your expenses in real-time. 


Your Bento virtual debit cards can also be used to run any purchase or payment as a credit or a debit transaction. Typically, most hotels and car rental locations will automatically run the card as a credit transaction. If you run into issues using the card as a debit card, please ask the merchant to run the card as a credit transaction or to place a larger deposit or pending hold on the card. This is especially useful for hotels and rental car services as they will allow you to use a debit card but they may require an additional deposit or a larger pending amount to be held on the card. Make sure that the available spend on the card is enough to cover the cost of the hotel or car rental and the additional deposit or hold the merchant may place on the Bento card.


Practical and Customizable

Many physical cards contribute to a bulky wallet. Keep your wallet light with virtual debit cards. Be it for per diems, one-time purchases, or even paying vendors, have as many cards as your business needs require, without the hassle of having to carry those cards with you everywhere.   

To make business spending more structured, define how your company will use Spend Limit virtual debit cards and Fixed Value virtual debit cards so that they are not used interchangeably. Each card type has been designed with specific use cases in mind. The use of each card type should be communicated across the company so that each cardholder is clear as to how to use each card type. Spend Limit cards are ideal as your primary virtual debit cards as they pull funds from your Bento account. Fixed Value cards are ideal for one-off spends as they are pre-paid debit cards.  

We know it’s not feasible for you as a Business Owner or Controller to do this on your own. That’s why Bento allows you to elect employees within your organization and assign them the role of either an Admin or a Department Lead and choose their respective access permissions (full access or restricted access) based on their roles and responsibilities. This allows you as a Business Owner or primary Bento Account Holder to delegate these tasks to trusted individuals. This is especially helpful for larger organizations. 


Power and Speed at Your Fingertips

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Touch, tap and go!

Using a virtual debit card is easy, but using it on a mobile wallet is even easier. To make your on-the-go contactless payments seamless, you can now add your Bento Spend Limit and Fixed Value virtual cards to your Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets. 

To add your Bento cards to your mobile wallets, make sure that all cards are activated, turned on, have the Card Not Present restriction turned off, and have an email address/phone number associated with the card.  

Using your Bento cards via mobile wallet brings with it a high degree of convenience and security. Mobile wallets are more than just a payment tool, the benefits and possibilities of using them are endless. 

Increased Security

All card and personal information hosted on the Apple Pay and Google Pay wallet systems are encrypted so no one can access them and you also do not run the risk of ever losing or misplacing a card. 

To add another layer of security, mobile wallet apps allow you to set up two-factor authentication not only to log in to the app but to process each transaction. 

These benefits combined make it a no-brainer when it comes to considering using mobile wallets. 

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Fast, Contactless Payments

Fast, Contactless Payments

Time is a valuable asset and that is the very essence of making payments via digital wallets.

Holding your phone towards a Near Field Communication (NFC) device to make payments is faster as compared to taking out a card, swiping it, or inserting it into a card machine and waiting for the payment to be processed.

In addition to being a quicker payment method, digital wallet payments are completely contactless.

Anytime, Anywhere

You may not have your wallet on you at all times, but your smartphone is much like your second skin. 

Physical and virtual businesses alike have adapted their systems to accept mobile wallet technology, which means adding your Bento cards to your mobile wallet allows you to use your virtual cards at physical locations too.

It also ensures that you have access to your company funds anytime, anywhere.  

Anytime, Anywhere
Quick Access

Quick Access to Unlimited Card Options

Bento offers multiple virtual card options which can be difficult to keep a track of. Be it your Utility cards, User cards, One-time virtual cards, Fuel cards, Fixed Value cards, or even Per Diem cards, you can house them all on your mobile wallet, making it easy to use them at multiple locations.

Apple Pay and Google Pay wallets are compatible with most other card programs too, giving you the option to add all your cards to your mobile wallet. 

Improved User Experience

All of the above benefits and features of using mobile wallets will improve the way you and members of your business use and experience your Bento.

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