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How Virtual Cards Can Support Business Growth


Virtual Cards and Small Business Growth

What support system is in place for your business? A good business support system provides system control and tailored scheduling to service providers support and extend operations to enhance business services. Bento for Business is a spending and expense management solution. We know that trust is something that is earned.

We have developed deep relationships with many partners and providers to ensure we are up to and exceed industry standards. Trusted by businesses, insured through Bankcorp Bank; Member FDIC, and flanked with excellent ratings on top software review sites Bento Virtual Cards for Small Business is a solid support system for today’s business.

Using Bento for Business Virtual Cards

Bento for Business makes it easy to implement and manage spending with our virtual cards for small business. It’s simple to create and use virtual debit cards in your Bento account. Instantly generated and stored online in your account, Bento virtual debit cards are ready for use as soon as they are created. Set detailed spending limits and card controls the same as when using Bento physical cards.

Retrieve virtual card information online for one-off purchases, add custom controls to cards for recurring payments, or share unique card numbers with different billers for better tracking. The possibilities are endless with Bento virtual cards for small business.

Using Bento for Business Virtual Cards

By eliminating the use of plastic, virtual debit cards are more efficient and secure than physical cards. No more worrying about lost or stolen cards and waiting for replacements in the mail. As quickly as created,

Bento for Business Virtual Cards for Small Business, are instantly available for online and over-the-phone purchases. Unlike a corporate card, BentoVirtual cards are only accessible by authorized users, this significantly cuts down on fraudulent charges.

The Bento API can fully integrate our system functionality with your business processes, so your systems can dynamically create and cancel cards, and approve and fund purchases, based on your rules. Think of the typical finance department and all the tasks that fall on these teams. Everything from accounts payable, billing, taxes, insurance payouts and more is under the purview. Bento for Business is your spending and expense management solution.

Adding custom controls and unique card numbers on different billers with your Bento for Business Virtual Debit Cards, sends real time information to you, and through our notes and tags features helps to eliminate many of the tasks on your finance team. Bento for Business is ready to support your business.