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Employee Per Diem Cards: A New Way to Empower Your Workforce

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Issuing employees per diem cards are a good way to strike a balance between giving employees spending power but ensuring that they do so within your budget. While the spend-as-you-go approach is one way to give your employees freedom, it does not solve the hassles of the person in charge of managing your business expenses. A simple solution like employee per diem cards can go a long way in solving all of these issues. 

What are Employee Per Diem Cards?

Employee per diem cards are authorized prepaid expense cards or fixed value cards that allow you to load set funds on each card based on each employee’s roles, responsibilities, and spending necessities.

You can use Bento’s Fixed Value cards as a preemptive spending mechanism that protects businesses from unauthorized employee spending and provides real-time visibility of cash flow for per diems and out-of-pocket expenses.

Features and Benefits of Bento for Business Employee Per Diem Cards

Bento’s fixed value employee per diem cards give you complete freedom to customize them to suit your business and workforce needs.

Complete Control – Your business, your funds. Here’s a list of things that primary Bento account owners and Admins with Full Access permissions can control:

  • Per Diem Spending Limits: Set a budget for each card for an interval of your choosing (per day, per week, per month, etc.).
  • Per Diem Category Controls: Choose which categories and merchants your employees can use their cards. Eg: Restaurants, Hotels, Gas Stations, etc.
  • Per Diem Geography Controls: Enable geographical restrictions if you want to limit the use of the card within the United. States. You can enable international spending for a specified period of time if an employee travels out of the country for business.
  • No. Of Cards: You are in complete control of the number of cards you wish to create and issue.
  • Per Diem Card Availability: You can easily enable or disable any card based on the availability of the card user. Eg: If an employee is on vacation, you can temporarily turn off their card.

Per Diem Automatic Card Reloads – Schedule automatic card reloads based on when you have set your spending limits to refresh for each card.

Per Diem Balance Rollover – Any balance on the per diem card rolls over to the next spending cycle in addition to the reload of funds.

Vendor and Employee Empowerment – Allowing your vendors and employees to spend at their discretion gives them a sense of freedom. You don’t need to worry about overspending because card users are limited to the amount loaded onto their cards.

Spending Awareness – Since card users are privy to how much money they are allotted to spend, they become more cautious of how much and what they spend it on. It fosters self-accountability.

Better Security – If a per diem card is lost, you can instantly disable or cancel the card from your Bento account at the click of a button. You don’t need to wait to contact a customer support executive. You also have the added security of knowing who spent what and where.

Seamless Receipt Management – Bento offers a comprehensive suite of receipt management capabilities to ensure seamless receipt capturing, tracking, and reconciliation of your business expenses.

  • Receipt Capture: Instantly capture receipts from the Bento mobile app.
  • Receipt AutoMatch: Save time and effort with Bento’s AutoMatch receipt feature which automatically matches your receipts to the correct transactions. This allows for easy receipt organization and tracking.
  • Receipt Reminders: Business owners and administrators can enable monthly receipt reminders for Bento users. Enabling this feature allows our system to automatically send a reminder email at the beginning of each month to all cardholders with outstanding receipts from the prior month.

Real-time Data – You can log in to your business’ expense management dashboard at any time to monitor and track employee per diem card use and spending in real-time.

User-friendly Platform – The Bento platform offers you the flexibility of generating expense reports for any type of data with the help of our filters.

Why do you need Bento Prepaid Per Diem Cards?

It’s simple – We focus on giving you complete control, flexibility, and comprehensive spend tracking tools in one platform that saves you time and money.

We empower you. You empower your employees.

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