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Introducing Bento Pay™: An amazingly easy way to make business payments

If you deal with any of these headaches, you need to try Bento Pay.


  • Having to share your card information over the phone for payments
  • Writing paper checks—time-consuming and hard to track
  • Asking every new vendor, “How can I pay you?”
  • …and then keeping track of all the ways you have to pay
  • Asking vendors to provide bank account and routing numbers—not very secure for either of you

We’re here to make payments easy for you and any business you pay.

Bento Pay brings a smooth, secure, and flexible digital payment experience to both you and your payees. No more dealing with paper checks or exchanging sensitive banking and card information just to pay.

Easy for you. Pay any business using just their email address. Securely create and track all payments and payees in one place, in your Bento account.

Easy for your payees. They receive your payment via email right away and choose how they’d like to be paid—no Bento account needed.

Bento Pay works seamlessly with other features in your Bento account.

Keep your funds secure. You control when and how much you want to pay with the available funds in your Bento account.

Delegate work smartly. Only the Business Owner and Admins with the right permissions have access to the Payments feature. Adjust this anytime under Admins setting.

Simplify reporting and management. Just like your Bento card transactions, payments are recorded and tracked right inside your account, giving you the visibility you need to take control of where your money is going.

Available now to Bento users.

On July 11th, 2019, we released Bento Pay under a new “Payments” section in your Bento account.

Please note that for your security only the Business Owner and Admins with full account access can use Payments by default. If you would like any Admin to view or use Payments, simply edit their individual account permission.

Want to learn more? We’d love to answer any questions and share how Bento’s payment features can help you run your business more efficiently. Please check out the official Bento Pay page, visit our Support Center, or reach out to our support team.

From the entire team at Bento for Business, we thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned for more updates from us soon!