Articles for Managers

Articles for Managers

This section provides more Bento for Business articles on small business financial services and how to better manage your business. They include detailed information on business fraud, prepaid business debit cards, refillable debit cards, business prepaid cards, prepaid business debit cards, gas cards and business fuel cards. Bento focuses on many vertical industries and offers construction business debit cards, non-profit business debit cards and prepaid healthcare business cards. These cards are used for detailed expense management, detecting and helping prevent employee fraud as well as limiting their usage. Subjects vary across the financial services spectrum and include gas card articles, prepaid business debit card articles, online debit cards, business fraud articles like how to report fraud, business credit card reviews and explaining how secured credit cards work.

The benefit of Bento business debit cards are considerable:

  • No interest paid and no credit checks
  • Extensive control over where employees can use the card with dollar limits per day, week or month
  • They are limited by the amount you have in your bank account, not by a credit card limit
  • Cards can be shut down immediately by your mobile phone or desktop in the case of misuse or fraud

Check out our free business fraud calculators which score your vulnerability to fraud using information from the highly trusted Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). We offer free e-books on business fraud and cash flow leaks in your business. See our FAQ to find out more information about Bento and our Articles page for another 100 articles.

Virtual Credit Cards, Procurement Cards, P-Cards and Ghost Cards

Learn about how virtual cards work, how company departments are using p-cards for micro tracking employee expenses and how ghost cards can greatly lower the risk for fraud. Find out why virtual credit card usage is exploding and how you can use them for your business for better tracking and to help prevent fraud.

Gas Cards, Fuel Cards and Fleet Cards

Learn about how to find the best business gas cards, what features you want in a fuel card, and how to save money and lower employee fraud for fleet cards. These are prepaid business debit cards can be used to control how much an employee can spend on gas and where they can use the gascard.

Church Credit Cards, Church Debit Cards and Church Fraud Case Studies

Church fraud and theft is expected to rise to over $50B annually by 2025. See how church credit cards and church debit cards can help combat this negative trend with greater expense control. Many best practices on fraud prevention and church fraud detection are shared.

Construction Credit Cards, Construction Debit Cards and Construction Fraud Case Studies

As construction increases, the frequency and size of construction fraud has exploded. Construction credit cards and construction debit cards can help lower fraud and control employee or contractor expenses. Several real life construction fraud case studies are shared along with how to find fraud and lower its likelihood.

Non-Profit Credit Cards, Non-Profit Debit Cards and Non-Profit Fraud Case Studies

A major study by New York University said almost $50B or 13% of total gifts to charities is stolen from non-profits annually. Learn how non-profit debit cards and credit cards can help lower your risk of the all too common non-profit fraud. Several recent non-profit case studies are shared along with best practices for fraud detection and fraud prevention.

Business Fraud and Fraud Calculator Articles

According to the well respected Association Certified Fraud Examiners, over 5% of global business revenue is lost to business fraud. Understand how vulnerable you are to business fraud, employee theft and internal fraudulent accounting schemes. We share the top 20 ways businesses are at risk to fraud using our fraud calculator, along with best practices on how to find fraud and prevent it.

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