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What to look for in a Business Debit Card?

Regardless of size, all businesses benefit by being able to pay invoices or to make purchases when they need to do so instead of being forced to wait for approval processes. A business debit card answers many of these issues and provides businesses with the flexibility that they need.

Business debit cards are cards with credit card numbers that can be used in the same manner as the way in which business credit cards are used. In general, debit cards have become increasingly popular. From 2012 to 2015, the use of debit cards grew at an annual rate of 7.1 percent. The value of payments made with debit cards grew from $2.1 trillion to $2.56 trillion during that same three-year period.

When purchases are made with business debit cards, the money is subtracted from your account rather than being added to a linked line of credit. A business debit card answers many of the issues that can plague small businesses.

How are business debit cards already helping businesses?

A business debit card answers problems faced by businesses regarding high transaction costs. Businesses that use traditional approval processes require people to submit requisitions for items that are needed. The requisitions must then be processed and approved. Then, a purchase order will be issued. Following that, there will be an invoice. Finally, a payment will be issued.

This process is time-consuming, and the transaction costs are the same no matter how large or small a purchase might be. A business debit card answers this problem by allowing employees to purchase day-to-day items without going through the lengthy process that larger items require. Using business debit cards can help businesses to save money on their transaction costs.

Why should I consider using a business debit card?

A business debit card can be beneficial to businesses because it offers spending flexibility.

When you are able to give an employee a business debit card, he or she can use it to make purchases instead of having to use his or her own money and wait to be reimbursed.

Which is better – A business debit card or a business credit card?

While business credit cards offer benefits to businesses, business debit card answers demonstrate that a business debit card may be a better choice. Business debit cards are not credit cards and will not cause your business to increase its debt. They also do not depend on your credit or cause your credit score to drop from a credit check.

Business debit cards are linked to your own account, meaning that purchases that your employees make are subtracted from your balance. Some business debit card answers issues that other cards have by offering features that allow you to set spending controls to prevent unauthorized purchases. By contrast, employees may be able to use business credit cards to buy things that you have not authorized.

Business debit cards explained

The commercial cards from Bento for Business are Visa debit cards. They are not credit cards, so your credit is not checked when you apply. The cards offer features that are designed for small businesses.

You can order as many cards as you need for your employees to use. You can then determine what spending categories that you want to authorize for each employee. For example, you can give an employee who has to drive a card that has been restricted to gasoline-only purchases. An employee who manages inventory can be given a card that he or she can use to pay specific suppliers only. You can also choose how much money to place on each card and set spending limits by the day, week or month.

Expense management is vital for the success of your business. Many businesses find that their expenses are difficult to track, and they can balloon out of control. Using business debit cards can provide a solution to this problem while also helping to prevent fraud.

Bento for Business uses a powerful API that allows your cards to be integrated with your business’s accounting software. When a purchase is made, the data can upload automatically into the correct spending category in your software. Your employees can snap photographs of the receipts so that they upload along with the other data.

These features can help to prevent errors made during data entry so that you can understand where your company stands at any time. You can also log in to your dashboard whenever you want and view the spending information by each card or department.

About Bento

Bento for Business is a company that was created by veterans of the financial industry. It is focused on providing expense management solutions to businesses of all sizes with their feature-rich business debit cards.

The cards allow you to determine what each employee can spend, where they can make purchases, when they can make purchases, and how much they can spend. This can help you to keep your business expenses within your budget and to prevent fraud.

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