Virtual Cards

Virtual Cards Extend the Power of Your Bento Account

Bento’s Virtual Card is everything you need — more security, more speed, and more scalability — backed by a support team that helps you grow.

How It Works


How It Works

It’s easy to create and use virtual cards in your Bento account.

Instant access and endless uses

Bento’s virtual debit cards are instantly generated and stored online in your account, ready for use as soon as they are created. You can set detailed spending limits on these virtual cards the same way you do with Bento physical cards. Retrieve virtual card information online for one-off online purchases, add custom controls to cards for recurring payments, or share unique card numbers with different billers for better tracking—the possibilities are endless!

  • Issue, edit and use virtual cards instantly
  • Card information is securely stored in your account
  • Manage both virtual and physical cards in one place


Without the plastic, virtual cards can be more efficient and secure than physical cards.

Speed, security, and scalability

Bento virtual cards meet the versatile purchasing needs of your business and offer more speed and security than traditional physical cards. Instead of waiting days for your new card to be printed and mailed, it takes only a few minutes to create and use Bento virtual cards. No need to worry about losing or misplacing them; you only retrieve your virtual card information online when you need it.

  • Instantly available for online and over-the-phone purchases
  • Only accessible by authorized users
  • Good for one-off and recurring purchases

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