Fast, Secure, Dedicated Payments
with Bento Ghost Cards

What is Bento Ghost Card Solution?

A simple payment solution to issue and manage virtual expense cards for any department or unit via a restful API

Virtual Purchasing cards

When physical plastic cards are not needed, and your organization needs to distribute card numbers instantly for use by full or part-time workers. Learn More


Ghost cards

Card numbers are provided for departments, locations or any other role when your organization needs to control and track purchases. Can also be used for preferred suppliers for ongoing A/P.

Speedy. Secure. Scalable.

Instant Issuance & Activation

Bento’s virtual card API allows you to issue new virtual debit cards instantly that can be activated and used in minutes.

​Safe PCI Compliant Platform

Your secure Bento account is a PCI DSS compliant platform with 256-bit SSL encryption. 

​Fast and easy
to implement

Typically new API accounts take less than 2 weeks to production. No set up fees and No contracts. And the API integration is straightforward.

Scales to Any Size

Our virtual payment platform is built with flexibility and capacity to grow with your business and handle any size implementation.

Modify Card

The platform allows admins to set naming convention, update card address or other information, on-demand without programming.

Better Controls vs. Credit Cards

Bento features category and spend limits, days of the week, and the ability to turn cards on & off as needed--for more control.

​How Do Ghost Cards Work?

The Bento API allows developers to integrate and issue secure, virtual card numbers for B2B payments. Companies can reduce risk and streamline the payment process simply by issuing cards that support their business needs.

Card Controls
Spending Limits
Merchant Categories
Active Days
Turn On/Off Cards
Update Billing Address

The Ghost Card Solution for Your Industry

What Industries benefit from a Ghost card solution? Here’s a selected
list below. If you don’t see your industry on the list below, just ask

  • Food Service: Restaurants, Commercial, Franchises
  • Retail: Specialty, Department, Multi-channel
  • Healthcare: Hospitals, Clinics, Insurance and Manufacturing
  • Transportation: Fleets, Limos, delivery services
  • Real Estate: Property management, Service providers, Brokers
  • Non-profits: Religious, Charity, Civic, Associations, Science
  • Supply chain: Wholesalers, distribution, manufacturers

Ghost cards: A better solution vs. credit cards or procurement cards (Click to read more)

What Can Our Solution Do for You?
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Bento's Ghost Card API solution is everything you need, with more security, more speed and more scalability. 

With Bento's Ghost Card API Solution, you’ll be able to ...

  • Build virtual payment capability into your existing workflow
  • Integrate with your system without heavy IT
  • ​Issue new card accounts, or modify addresses, fast
  • Set limits and control spending for every card
  • Manage permissions and usage
  • Monitor all activity in real-time
    ... all in one place.

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