Bento For Business

How Bento Works with Ad Agencies

Although developing new ads is an inventive endeavor, running an advertising business is a little less glamorous. Whether your creative runs online or out-of-home, Bento for Business has tools for better expense management and purchasing. We can help you manage programmatic advertising, paid social media, and office expense expenses. Our controls have saved our customers millions of dollars. 

Flexibility For Your Agency

You get flexibility and control with Bento for Business. The core of our platform is a Visa debit card, with features that can be adapted to your business processes. For example:

  • Use one Bento card for each client for easier billing. All your project expenses are in one place. 
  • You can use our API in your programmatic advertising. It can be incorporated into your existing ad tech workflow to manage ad payments. Instantly create virtual cards and track spending by client, campaign, or program.
  • Our virtual cards make managing paid social media and pay-per-click campaigns easy. Keep tabs on your budgets. Use a separate virtual card for each client, market, or campaign for better tracking. Our built-in controls prevent accidental overspend.
  • Bento Pay gives you enterprise-grade email payments. If you work with freelancers or influencers, or run out-of-home advertising campaigns, you need an easy way to pay them. Bento Pay is the business version of popular consumer email payment systems. Send money with just an email address. You can also make direct ACH payments from our platform so that all of your spending is visible in one place on one dashboard.
  • Bento business debit cards help you manage procurement, travel, and entertainment expenses. Set controls for merchant category, spending amount, and days of the week. Our customers report an average of 14% savings in the first month of use—more valuable than anyone else’s points. You may find that you can eliminate expense reports, too, because Bento for Business stores your receipts. 
  • Everything syncs with your accounting system. You save time and get better information to run your business. 

You save money, time, and hassles. All of that can be invested in your business so that you can help your clients tell their stories. 

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