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How Bento Works with Interior Designers

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expense managemetn for interior designers

Interior design is a wonderfully creative business that makes people’s lives better. Whether it’s a dining room where a family celebrates, a hospital waiting room that soothes anxious patients, or an office set for maximum collaboration, this work makes a difference. It’s also a business, and that’s why we help with expense management for interior designers.

Your clients see and love what you do. They don’t always understand how you run your business. Bento for Business offers payment tools that can help you run your business better, save you money, and give your clients the transparency they want. It all syncs with QuickBooks and other popular accounting packages.

How Bento Works for Interior Designers

Bento for Business’s core product is a Visa debit card that can be configured to control how much money is spent, where, and when. Our customers can create new cards as needed. All of the information collected is reported in an easy-to-understand dashboard that connects to your accounting system. 

Bento can work with all pricing systems:

  • Designers using a flat fee can set one card per client with a limit equal to the budget. All expenses can be through this card, leading to a real-time status check on profitability. If another employee needs to use the card, it can be limited to specific days of the week or merchant categories to prevent accidental misuse. 
  • If you price per hour or square footage, you can track your expenses by using one Bento card set to the project budget. It syncs with your accounting system so that go can track the spending against your billing. 
  • If you work on a cost-plus basis, Bento’s easy reporting lets you show your client exactly what the spending is, to prevent any misunderstandings.
  • For designers using a traditional pricing structure, set up one card for each vendor so that you can track spending and ensure compliance with the discounts that you have negotiated.

Your Bento platform includes ACH payments and Bento Pay, our business-grade email payments system. You can pay furniture wholesalers through ACH and artisans or day laborers through Bento Pay. In both situations, your payments are secure, and they connect to your accounting and billing systems. Seeing all your payments together is a key way we help expense management for interior designers. 

Because Bento cards are so flexible, you can use them to manage your business overhead expenses while keeping the charges separate from client-related expenses. If your employees travel to Chicago for NeoCon, High Point for the market, or just to the storage facility to check on available space, you can give them the budget they need to get the job done—and no more. 

You get robust controls, visibility, accounting integration, and receipt capture no matter how you set up your Bento account. As your organization grows and your needs change, you can change your card settings and uses. Find out how we improve expense management for interior designers. Sign up for a free trial today

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