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Bento for Business was designed for small businesses, but our technology has benefits for larger organizations, too. That’s why we offer our API as a stand-alone product, and we are open to partnerships that extend the benefits of Bento to different user groups.

Bento was built by experts in financial services. With Bento’s technology, you can issue new card accounts, set limits and control spending, manage permissions and usage, and monitor spend activity in real time.

The Bento API

Bento’s underlying card control technology is available as an API. Use it to issue new virtual debit cards instantly. It integrates with your existing workflow or platform, making it easier to implement an efficient expense management system for your company. Whether your interest is programmatic advertising, automated inventory purchasing, or other workflow that includes payments, we have the technology you need.

The API integration is simple, and often takes less than two weeks to put into production. The Bento for Business payment API is built with flexibility and capacity to handle any size business or implementation. Your account and treasury are secured by a PCI DSS compliant platform with 256-bit SSL encryption, and full documentation is provided.

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Small and medium size businesses often use more than one technology to meet their diverse and unique needs.

We’re always excited to partner with companies who are interested in delivering experiences that streamline activities and actions for customers.

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