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Use Bento for Managing Remote and Field Teams

Controls that let you empower your employees to spend money to do their jobs while protecting your cash flow. That’s what you get from Bento for Business. Our Visa debit cards and cash-management dashboard let you see what’s happening no matter where your team happens to be. That’s why companies with field technicians, outside sales people, or remote work teams use Bento.

Remote Employees, Centralized Control

Bento’s tools are connected by our management dashboard. Our spend and expense management tools work together to give you control and visibility into your business expenses. The core is a Visa debit card that can be set to meet your business’s needs, then reset as your needs change. Amounts, days of the week, and merchant categories can be adjusted as needed. We offer both physical and virtual cards, an email-based payment system (Bento Pay™), and ACH payments, all of which sync with QuickBooks and other major accounting systems.

Depending on your needs, you may choose to:

  • Assign a card to each field employee with authorization to spend on fuel and hardware supplies.
  • Give remote workers virtual Visa cards for their purchases, or reimburse them through Bento Pay.
  • Load per diem allowances onto Bento cards instead of handing out checks or cash.
  • Set T&E controls and have employees use the My Bento app to upload receipts, eliminating expense reports from outside sales teams.
  • Use the app to let employees see their spending limits, reducing messages into the office.
  • Manage company-wide VPN and software subscriptions on a single virtual card kept at the office.
  • Send payments to large suppliers or subcontractors through Bento ACH so that you can see all of your spending in one place.

You get robust controls, visibility, accounting integration, and receipt capture no matter how you set up your Bento account. As your business grows and your needs change, you can change your card settings and uses.

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