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Which is Better for Your Business: a Prepaid Card or a Credit Card?

Decide which is better for your business: a prepaid or credit card.

With the wealth of different financial options out there for small business owners, how do you decide what to choose? To dispel some of the confusion around the different types of cards available, we’ve decided to tell you a little more about the Bento business prepaid debit Visa – the perfect solution for smart small business owners who want to avoid the risk of giving a corporate credit card to employees.

The Bento Prepaid Debit Card for Your Business

The Bento solution to employee expenses and general business expenses is a prepaid Visa debit card that’s easy to use, and even easier to set controls on. Would you just hand out your corporate card to your employees for them to use for fuel, travel or general expenses? No matter how much you trust them as employees, the answer is probably no. It’s just not worth the risk. With the Bento card, however, you can give every employee their own card, safe in the knowledge that you have total control over where they’re spending company money and how much they’re spending – not only do you set the spending limit, you can even set the types of merchants where the card will work. If an employee tries to use the card outside any of the limits, the transaction will be declined. Better yet, if an employee leaves, you can simply turn a card off with a simple click in real-time on your smartphone, tablet or desktop – never waste 20 minutes calling to cancel a credit card again!

The real time reporting capabilities of the Bento dashboard gives you complete visibility over company spending, and you can set it up to receive real time alerts when someone is overspending or your balance is too low, or you have a decline. A real risk of using credit cards is that you won’t see any overspending until the end of month statements come in, and by then it’s too late. As well as real time visibility and alerts, the Bento dashboard offers you amazing reporting capabilities and even syncs with QuickBooks.

This type of product is long-needed for small business owners. Banks and other traditional financial institutions tend to see smaller businesses as high risk when looking at credit, and the innovation just isn’t there – banks don’t make products for small business. That’s why the Bento card is the perfect small business credit card alternative, letting you control your finances with convenience and ease.

What You Don’t Get With a Bento Prepaid Debit Card

It’s easy to get confused with all the different types of cards for business use, so here are some things you definitely don’t get with a Bento business debit card.

Credit – it’s not a credit card, so you won’t get a line of credit. It also means, of course, that there’s no risk to your credit (either personal or business).

Out of control employee expenses – we hear from many small businesses that they have issues controlling their employee expenses, but there’s no risk of that with the Bento Visa business debit card. You control expenditure down to the last cent.

Miles, points, bells or whistles. Instead, you get actual cash savings you can invest in your business. We have saved our customers millions of dollars.


If you are a business owner who can qualify for a corporate credit card with perks, it probably makes sense to apply for one.  But even if you can qualify for a business credit card, your business needs a solution like Bento to control employee expenses.  Take a look at the Bento for Business prepaid Visas debit card and see if it makes sense for your business.


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