Analytics and Reports

Our Reports Help You Make Better Decisions

Real-time in-app monitoring and monthly statements ensure accuracy and control. This visibility helps you control your budget and make better forecasts.

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Report, Audit, and Enforce with Ease

Bento for Business gives you better cash control, faster reconciliation, and powerful
information to transform your business.

Our real-time reporting lets you see who is spending money and where they are spending it. This lets you to track the expense side of your budget while ensuring that employees adhere to policies. Automatic controls allow you to give more employees spending power, reducing organizational friction.

Bento for Business connects to your accounting system. Reconcile accounts faster and stop wasting time tracking down expense reports. The mobile app lets users take upload receipts by photo, so your records are ready for audit. This reduced administrative burden makes your organization more agile.

With Bento, you receive accessible, automated expense reporting. You can set custom tags for easy bookkeeping and view your expense reports all in one place, sorted any way you like. This gives you prompt expense reconciliation, eliminates the need for reimbursements, and ensures accurate budget forecasting.

We give you information to grow your business. Faster reporting leads to more accurate forecasting. Set custom tags to track what’s important to you. The analytics help you identify opportunities to work with suppliers to further manage costs.

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