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Credit card articles

What is a debit and credit card article?

According to the Federal Reserve Payment Study of 2016, the value of debit card transactions increased to $2.56 trillion. In 2015, debit cards were used to make $69.5 billion in payments. Both businesses and consumers are increasingly choosing debit cards as their preferred methods of payment. Staying up to date on the latest debit and credit card articles is a best practice for multiple reasons.

There are countless business debit card offers that are marketed by different card issuers. It is important for you to understand how these cards might work for you and your business before you choose cards to use. Reading debit and credit card articles can help you to understand the features that are offered by different companies so that you can choose cards that might benefit your business the most. Credit card articles take an in-depth look at the industry and at different credit and debit cards that are currently being offered.

Debit and credit card articles

Reading debit and credit card articles can help to educate you about how each type of card might work for your business. Debit and credit card articles can help you to identify cards that might help you to manage your expenses and track the spending that occurs at your company more effectively.

Staying informed about debit and credit cards can help you to make better choices in how you manage your payments. You might learn about some of the latest technologies that are available in the industry from reading credit card articles such as the integration of the cards with your business’s accounting software to make your accounting department more efficient.

Prepaid card articles

Prepaid cards are similar to debit cards but have some important differences. While debit cards are linked directly to your business’s deposit account, prepaid cards are cards that you purchase in different amounts. For example, you might purchase a prepaid card for $1,000, and the available money on that card for your employees to spend would be limited to that amount.

A prepaid card article is an article that explores different prepaid card offers and how they are used. Reading these articles can help you to understand why people choose to use prepaid cards instead of credit cards and the potential benefits that they might offer to you. For example, this prepaid card article reveals that 30 percent of people who use prepaid cards do so to more easily divide their money into budget categories.

What are the top business credit card articles on the web?

Like credit card offers, there are also many business card articles available for you to read. The top five business card articles come from highly respected sources and include the following:

These articles help you to understand the differences between credit, debit, and charge cards, the market penetration of each, statistics of business credit card use, and reasons why you might want to avoid credit cards in favor of debit cards.

These debit card articles will help you understand business debit cards

Another type of card that has become increasingly popular for businesses is a business debit card. These cards are linked to your accounts so that you spend your own money instead of increasing your debt. However, not all business debit card offers are created equally.

Three good debit articles that can help you to understand debit cards for businesses include the following:

These articles help you to understand the debit card industry, how debit cards can benefit businesses, and which business debit cards have the best features.

Why is it important to read prepaid card articles when looking for the best card?

Reading articles about prepaid cards is important when you are trying to determine which prepaid card might offer the most benefits to your business. Like other types of cards, some prepaid cards for businesses may be more advantageous than others.

For example, choosing a prepaid card that has a chip might offer you greater security. Reading articles can help you to figure out which cards might charge lower fees and which might allow you greater control over the spending that your employees can complete.

Prepaid card articles can help you choose the best card

When you read prepaid, debit, and credit card articles, you should do so with a critical eye. Look at the fees that different cards charge so that you can get a better idea of what might offer the most value. For example, this article in Forbes describes the business debit cards from Bento for Business and how they help businesses to control expenses in real time.

When you read credit card articles, think about how the cards might work in practice for your company. Imagine handing out the cards to your employees and how you might control what, where, how, and when they can use the cards.

Bento for Business offers the top solutions for businesses

Bento for Business is a company that was created by financial industry professionals with the goal of crafting a debit card solution that could help businesses track employee expenses and prevent fraud. The company offers debit card packages to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. On Bento’s website, you can find many different debit and credit card articles that can help you to gain a firmer understanding of how they work for businesses. To learn more about how these cards might work for your business, you can request a demo or call us at 866.220.8455.

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