Business Debit Card

As a business owner, you likely have to watch your business expenses carefully. You may be concerned about preventing fraud and employee theft and managing your company’s expenses. With a business debit card from Bento, you can use your card’s features to do all of these things. How the business debit card from Bento works […]

Prepaid Business Card

What can a full-featured prepaid business card do for you? A prepaid business card should never fall short of your expectations. You depend on it to make vital equipment purchases, pay suppliers or maintain your stock. Your company’s expense cards need to rise up to the challenge. With so much on the line, your card […]

Prepaid Business Credit Card

Making purchases with a standard credit card puts you in debt until you pay the monthly bill. A prepaid business credit card draws on a reserve of cash put in place when you sign up for an account with a card issuer. Money is either loaded directly onto the card or into a dedicated account […]

Business prepaid cards for employees

How Can Using Business Debit Cards For Employees Help You Track And Control Spending? Small business owners often struggle with tracking and controlling their business spending. They typically use accounting software like QuickBooks or have professionals help them with their books. When small owners reorder supplies, pay bills and accomplish other day-to-day tasks, owners typically […]

Small Business Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Expense Management Tools

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Small business owners have to spend money to cover expenses and invest in their businesses. Small business credit cards, debit cards, and other expense management tools can make the process easier by keeping business expenses separate from personal ones and by providing records that can make budgeting and accounting easier. These programs have differences, too. […]

Secured credit card

You may be considering getting a credit card for your business. A secured credit card provides digital breadcrumbs for tracking and analyzing expenses— and may be a decent solution compared to a private account. However, business credit cards have fees and can hurt your credit score. Additionally, a credit card that is secured does not […]

Business prepaid cards

Credit card misuse or misallocation by employees is a prevalent problem, touching businesses both large and small. Business prepaid cards are an excellent alternative to credit because they eliminate this risk. With the prepaid business cards you are able to control spending before it even happens, helping you to eliminate both fraud and expense-misallocation— and […]

Prepaid cards for small businesses

What does being a small business mean to you? Is it about creating new things or fresh ideas that shake up a market long overdue? Are you trying to redefine the way people exchange goods and services? No matter what drives you, prepaid cards for small businesses pull you ahead of other startups and give […]

Confidently Manage Spending With Employee Debit Cards

Many small business owners distribute petty cash or checks for typical company expenses. However, these traditional payment methods make a business more susceptible to fraud and theft. Employee debit cards keep these transactions secure and accurately track your expenditures for simple accounting. With a business Visa debit card, such as those offered by Bento for […]

How Does The Best Secured Credit Card For Business Work?

How can your enterprise leverage the freedom of a secured business credit card? It would be easier to grow and expand your company if you could provide the ability for your employees to purchase securely. Finally, a solution that’s better than credit For too long, starting a business credit line was the only way for […]

What is an online debit card?

An online debit card is a prepaid card that you apply for online. The name of these types of cards simply refers to the application method. Debit cards that you can obtain for your business to use by applying online may help you to improve your expense tracking and spending controls. These cards allow you […]

Five tips to compare secured business credit cards

Many small business owners do not have sufficient credit histories to allow them to qualify for traditional corporate credit cards. Having the ability to pay for your company’s expenses using debit or credit cards can help you to have greater flexibility. If you either have a problematic credit history or insufficient credit to qualify for […]

Looking for how to do your own business credit card reviews?

Completing business credit card reviews or business debit card reviews is important when you are trying to make the best choice for your business. Having access to cards for your company can help you and your employees to make expenditures when they are needed instead of having to go through a lengthy check-approval process. It […]

Online prepaid credit cards make spending simple

For your business to succeed, you have to spend money on business expenses. However, tracking spending and keeping it under control is vital. Without good control measures in place, your business may suffer significant losses through waste and fraud. Simplifying your business’s spending can help you to manage your expenses so that you can protect […]

Learn how to report fraud for your business

Many businesses fall victim to fraud each year. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ 2018 Report to the Nations, 2,960 businesses were victims of occupational fraud in the past year at a total loss of more than $7 billion. Small businesses lost nearly twice as much per fraud incident as did large companies. […]