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How Does The Best Secured Credit Card For Business Work?

How can your enterprise leverage the freedom of a secured business credit card? It would be easier to grow and expand your company if you could provide the ability for your employees to purchase securely.

Finally, a solution that’s better than credit

For too long, starting a business credit line was the only way for companies to leverage the spending flexibility that they required for growth. Unfortunately, the small benefits that these firms achieved paled in comparison to what they lost in fees, interest rates and surcharges.

Bento for Business is the next step in how modern companies make purchases. Although it functions as a regular debit card, it’s actually a business Visa debit card solution. You never have to worry about paying extra money just to make the everyday purchases that further your organizational expansion.

Gain accurate, instant spending knowledge

Bento works wherever a secured business credit card would. The big difference is that you can load it, set limits and check in on the fly from your mobile device, so you always know precisely what your employees are doing. No matter where you are, you stay connected with the cash flows and gain a holistic insight into your organizational spending.

Enjoy purchasing flexibility

Is purchasing management a challenge for your company? With modern debit solutions, such as Bento for Business, company spending can be much simpler to manage. A secured business credit card that matches the flexibility or the managerial simplicity of Bento does not exist.

Traditional purchases involve keeping separate records and then giving the information to an accountant after significant delays. With Bento cards, everyone remains on the same page from the moment of purchase. It’s also simple to learn from your spending history. You can use intelligent filters to create custom rules that prohibit or allow specific transactions.

The Bento card can be filled out in a number of minutes— up and running in a week or less. A convenient application facilitates streamlined reporting and accounting, so oversight is no problem.

Why get a secured business credit card?

The Bento team understands that bad credit can be a major hurdle blocking you from your business dreams. Unlike other financial service providers, however, we don’t believe in punishing you for past mistakes.

With typical business credit card solutions, you must rely on expensive overdrafts, delayed fraud monitoring and protection features that depend on you recognizing and reporting suspicious transactions. By offering a solution that you can preload on a case-by-case basis and making it easy to institute advanced controls, we actually help you stay proactive.

For just $29 per month, you can set up cards for up to ten employees, designate authorized purchases with exacting detail and devote your attention to doing business instead of balancing books.

Banks and other payment services require that you place your faith in the unknown. We support you with a secured business credit card alternative that delivers genuine gains. Use Bento for business Visa debit cards to:

  • Help reduce fraud and employee misuse of funds
  • Manage individual project costs and work with vendors
  • Establish strict organizational accounting standards
  • Gain critical insights into spending trends
  • Watch and control your expenses evolve over time

Never go back to a business credit card again

With a business Visa debit card from Bento, you’ll have confidence and security. Accounts are FDIC-insured up to $250,000 and use a 256-bit SSL encryption protocol. Find out why people rave about Bento for Business— check out our costumer reviews on Trustpilot. Leave the risks, restrictions, and inefficiency of your current secured credit card behind. Call 866.220.8455 to begin your free 60-day trial now. If you have any questions, a representative will gladly help you get started!

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