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Prepaid Business Card

What can a full-featured prepaid business card do for you?

A prepaid business card should never fall short of your expectations. You depend on it to make vital equipment purchases, pay suppliers or maintain your stock. Your company’s expense cards need to rise up to the challenge. With so much on the line, your card isn’t just another method of payment— it’s a vital link that keeps you attuned to your organizational health.

What does Bento for Business do that other prepaid business card providers don’t?

Bento offers business Visa debit cards that give you the convenience of a prepaid business card without exposing you to the risks and hassles. Unlike a credit card, this option lets you fund transactions without accumulating interest penalties or having to think about how your spending might impact your future borrowing power. It delivers effortless, worry-free simplicity that liberates you to think about more important business decisions.

Bento grants you control

When you sign up for your Bento card, you get far more than the sheer pleasure of adding a flexible business payment method in under five minutes. You also gain the power to dispense multiple cards to your sales staff and other team members so that they can make purchases from the same account. Unlike prepaid business cards Bento cards are linked to a business bank account making accounting easier.

Business owners who use Bento can even modify card limits on a per-employee basis. With an unprecedented degree of control over how your expenditures work, you can finally manage your company the way you prefer. Internal fraud, employee theft and unaccountable losses are history.

Bento is straightforward

With the technology available today, no one should have to deal with reimbursement paperwork. Business Visa debit cards are connected to your organizations bank account whereas prepaid business cards are not tied to a bank account and are instead reloaded with funds.
Bento has built a headache-free mobile app that lets you manage expenses. With the Bento for Business debit card, you can check-in, reload and monitor payments from anywhere 24/7.

Bento keeps your enterprise secure

If you want your firm to scale up, you first need to build a solid foundation. Bento has taken care of the critical groundwork. The 256-bit SSL encryption and secure data-center hosting means that the only people who have access to your financial information are those you’ve approved beforehand. We’ll even cover the funds that you deposit with $250,000 of FDIC insurance.

Bento keeps your coffers fuller

How does a business Visa debit card designed for controlled spending freedom help you limit your cash outflows? In addition to placing caps on employee expenditures, you can use our data-aware app to paint a clearer picture of where your money is going.

By keeping you more informed, Bento ensures that you make smarter, more sustainable fiscal choices. With our cost-effective $29/month team package, you can issue up to ten cards and get your company moving and spending like an enterprise with a purpose.

Alternatives to prepaid business cards

Business debit cards make it easy to master financial oversight compared to prepaid business cards. When you don’t have fees related to transactions, usage, overdrafts, declines, loading, setup or cancellations hanging over your head, your purchasing power suddenly goes a lot further.

Discover what it’s like to take back control of your expenses with the ultimate business debit card. Let us know where to contact you below, or give Bento for Business a call at 866.220.8455 to start your free 60-day trial.

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