Transform Your Business with Bento’s Spending and Expense Management Solution


Bento is the easy way to manage your company’s spending and expenses

Corporate Cards

Build your expense policy into corporate cards with detailed spending controls for each employee.

Virtual Cards

Generate and assign virtual cards in your account. Instant and secure access.

Bento Pay™

Send and track digital payments to any business using just their email address.

Supercharge your business with Bento

Proactively manage how, when, and where your employees spend company funds. Empower employees to do their jobs without extending more spending power than they need.

Secure your assets

Control where and how your business funds are spent by setting daily, weekly or monthly spending limits, active days of the week and permitted merchant categories on your Bento cards. If a card is lost or stolen, simply turn it off online with a click.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Bento helps you stick to your budget and know where company funds are being spent. See trends and forecast monthly expenses more accurately. Don’t be caught by surprise again!

Turn Savings Into Profit

Every dollar you save on Bento is a dollar you can put back into growing your team, investing in higher value activities, expanding your business, and improving profitability.

Establish Efficient Processes

Expense records and receipts are all in one place when using Bento. Automate expense reporting and export data into QuickBooks or other accounting services you already have in place.

Manage your spending and expenses all on one platform

By switching to Bento for intelligent expense management, we’re able to be proactive and stay ahead of any issues. Overall, we’ve eliminated thousands of dollars of unauthorized monthly spending.

Ron JohnsonFounder of Nuvia Water Technologies, Inc.

Happy customers say it all

Our passion for excellence in service and product innovation shines through in our customer’s reviews of Bento. Read for yourself about how Bento helps save time and money for hundreds of happy customers.

Bento is built for small and midsize companies looking to grow their businesses while protecting their cash

Business Leaders

Protect your company’s cashflow, set guidance for how and when employees can spend money, monitor spending to set ongoing budgets.

Finance Leaders

Monitor real-time cash flow and avoid end of month surprises while reducing overhead and administrative headaches.


Coupled with our managed services, Bento’s APIs give you the capabilities to build payment capability into your existing workflow.

Product Leaders

Consolidate your expense management technology stack so you can focus on getting your products to market on time and on budget.

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