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Sign up as a Bento Affiliate Partner

We appreciate your interest in joining us as a Bento Affiliate Partner, and we are ready to move on to the next step!

To officially become a Partner, please complete the form on this page and we will send you an email containing your referral link and other materials to get you started.

Why Bento

Easy to sign up and use, Bento’s platform can help your audience gain control and visibility over their business payments, expenses and receipts in one place, with seamlessly integrated business debit cards and tools for controlling spend and reconciling expenses.


For every approved business account that you send to Bento, you’ll receive a $30 commission. For every account that spends over $100 within first 30 days of approval, you’ll receive an additional $70!

You will receive a monthly report on your referral performance and accounts that qualify for payout. You will receive your payment on a monthly basis.


While we’re open to creative ways to drive awareness around Bento, we kindly ask that you avoid the following:

  • Direct-Linking Ad Campaigns to
  • Using Bento for Business Trademarks and Trademark plus terms in PPC campaigns without our permission
  • Offering your audience compensation for signing up with Bento
  • Misrepresenting Bento products

If you are unsure about these expectations, please kindly review our Affiliate Partner Program Agreement. To discuss promo strategies or other questions, you can always contact us at