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25 Non-Profit and Church Conferences for 2020

Attending a non-profit or church conference can be a great way to get new ideas for your organization and share ideas with people in similar situations. Conferences can be so energizing! If you’re thinking of attending one this year, check out this list for some great ideas.


ANA DC Nonprofit Conference

The ANA DC Nonprofit Conference 2020 will be February 19-21 in Washington, DC. This conference offers plenty of fresh ideas and expertise. Many major nonprofits attend and share case study successes in storytelling and fundraising. The costs range from $579-$879 with early bird pricing through January 13.

Bethel Prophetic Conference 2020

The Bethel Prophetic Conference is from February 19-21 in Redding, CA. The goal of this conference is to connect one another and give attendees the power to better serve their parishes. If you’re interested, the price is $119 for individuals.

C3 Creative Church Conference

C3 Creative Church Conference 2020 is February 19-20 in Dallas, TX with 8 speakers. The program goes over intensive coaching, inspirational teaching, incurable learning, and intentional relationships. Pre-registration is $199 until January 10. The on demand package costs $25.

Calibrate the Worship Team Event 2020

The Calibrate the Worship Team Event 2020 will be held in Dallas on February 24. The overarching goal for all of the events is to teach pastors and church staff how to better connect with their parish on a day to day basis. Cost is $70 with a group discount of $60/person for 6 or more participants.


Exponential Conference

Starting up a new church? Planting a new location? The Exponential Conference will be March 2-5 in Orlando, FL. You have a chance to participate in 200+ workshops targeted to planters’ specific needs and with 150+ of today’s top leaders in five main stage sessions. Individuals can register for $189 by January 17.

Devoted Conference

The Devoted Conference 2020 runs March 5-7 for women of all ages at the Great Neck Campus at Wave Church in Virginia Beach, VA. If you register by January 31, the Early Bird Individual cost is $135. The early bird deal for Single Mom/Widow/Student/Military/Senior Citizen is $115 by January 31. This event is a great opportunity to meet more like minded individuals and get inspired.

Worship Central Conference 2020

The Worship Central Conference will be March 6-7 in Vancouver, BC in Canada. The conference will unravel what binds us — fear, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and despair — to uncover who we really are. The individual rate is $109 with $99 as the group rate for 5 or more.

SXSW Climate & Social Action + SXSW EDU

The South by Southwest behemoth has two non-profit conferences. Education issues will be discussed at SXSW EDU from March 9–12 and other issues at SXSW Climate & Social Action from March 13–18. Both will look at mega-marketing and tech as well as innovation, activism, and education. The costs run $375-$595.

Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC)

The Nonprofit Technology Conference will run March 24–26 in Baltimore, MD. This is the longest-running, nonprofit-focused tech conference in the U.S. The costs run $649-$1,249, depending on timing and NTEN membership.


The AFP ICON conference runs March 29-31 in Baltimore, MD. This is the world’s largest conference for fundraising professionals. The costs run $499–$2,199, depending on timing and membership.


Booth On Board 

The University of Chicago and its Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation’s On Board conference will be in Chicago on April 3. The conference ensures that nonprofit leaders and their boards are equipped with the knowledge and connections to do their best work. It’s a great value!

Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference

The Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference runs April 7-9 in Dallas, TX. The conference covers core areas: executive leadership; board governance; finance; tax & legal; people management & care; resource development; marketing & communication; and Internet & technology. You can save $100 when you register by January 30. 

Cause Camp

The Cause Camp runs April 20-21 in Lincoln, NE. The conference covers nonprofit marketing, fundraising, and leadership. The cost is $375 if you attend in person. It’s just $99-$199 to stream the conference.

Association of Related Churches (ARC) Conference

The Association of Related Churches (ARC) Conference is April 21-22 in Mount Pleasant, SC. This conference will benefit those who believe in the vision to see a thriving church in every community. The regular theater is already sold out but the overflow theater seats are $139. They also have conferences in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada on June 2-3 and Anaheim, CA on September 22-23.

Catalyst West conference

The Catalyst West 2020 conference is April 23-24 in Irvine, CA. This conference values the shared experience of respite and reunion, connection to something greater than ourselves, and to foster change for our teams, our communities, and our culture. The early bird individual ticket is $249 with discounts for group ($219) and student/military ($209).

Thrive Leadership Conference

Thrive Leadership Conference will be April 30-May 1 in Granite Bay, CA. This conference is designed to ignite passion and recharge leadership through world-class speakers, inspiring worship, networking with other pastors and leaders, encouragement, fresh ideas, and lots of fun to ignite churches and businesses. The individual cost is $249 with a group discount of $209/person for groups 5-49.


LIFT Conference

The LIFT Conference will be on May 1 -2 in Atlanta, GA. The conference is a time to gather together to learn, grow, and be refreshed in your gifts with other creatives without the restraints of leading others. The individual rate is $119.

Leadercast Live

Running a non-profit organization involves having to inspiring people to make huge changes. Get inspiration and ideas at Leadercast Live on May 7 in Duluth, GA. Learn from our leadership experts on how to purposefully interrupt organizational functions to bring new energy, ideas, processes and success to your team. Individual costs $179.99 with a student discount that brings the price down to $75.

A Conference for Pastors and Church Leaders 2020

A Conference for Pastors and Church Leaders will be held May 18-20 in Gaithersburg, MD. The conference is designed to encourage you and help your ministries to grow and thrive: to be inspired, exchange ideas, share experiences, and develop new relationships with church leaders just like you. The early bird individual is $124 if you register by April 30.

Engage For Good

Engage for Good runs May 27–28 in Austin, TX. This nonprofit and Corporate Social Responsibility conference is targeted at CSR professionals, nonprofit marketers, executives, and cause marketers. The costs run $445-$1,395.


National Conference of Volunteering and Service: Points of Light

The National Conference of Volunteering and Service: Points of Light will be June 6-12 in Washington, DC. This is the world’s largest conference focused on volunteer and service, bringing together more than 2,000 nonprofit, government, business, and civic leaders to gain and share knowledge, resources and connections. Costs run $300-$750, depending on timing and membership.

Amplify Conference 2020

The Amplify Conference offers evangelism training and runs from June 23-24 at the Billy Graham Center Museum in Wheaton, IL. This year’s theme is based on Habbakuk 2:14 and addresses the urgency to reach all people of this world. There is a $79 early bird rate for registration.


Bridge Conference

The Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference will be July 15-17 in National Harbor, Maryland. The conference is the premier event for nonprofit professionals looking to reach across the table and collaborate with people who think differently. This year’s theme centers around how the left and right-brained bring art and science together for strategic fundraising. Costs run $400-$695 for non-members.


Global Leadership Summit 2020

Designed for pastors and staff, the Global Leadership Summit is August 6-7 at the Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, IL (a Chicago suburb). You can join 405,000 peers and learn how to maximize your leadership. This event aims to give you lots of new perspectives and meet like-minded individuals. Pre-registration for individuals costs $169 with group discounts available.



The Upswell conference will be in November in Chicago, IL. This non-profit fundraising and marketing conference targets the professional fundraisers and nonprofit communications teams. Final costs haven’t been determined but the 2019 rates ranged from $950-$1,250.

How Bento works with churches and non-profit organizations

Bento for Business offers debit cards and expense-management tools that help religious and non-profit organizations operate more efficiently. The cards allow you to control what your employees can buy, when they can use their cards, and how much they can spend. Normally, you might a person’s card to be used on Monday to Friday for office supplies. If they are going to attend a conference, you can easily change the controls to allow spending for travel and meals while they are on the road. If you see any problems, you can turn off a card by tapping a button on your mobile device.

We’re thrilled that we can help organizations that make such a difference in the world continue to be good stewards of resources and get more done.

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