Spending & Expense Management

Spend Wisely. Spend Confidently.

Power up your control and visibility over business spending and expenses. Save time and money while cutting out the hassles and errors of manual processes.

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Bento for Business Visa Debit Card: Best way to manage employee expenses.

Spending and expense management is transformed when brought together on Bento’s financial operating platform with our easy-to-use management console.

Bento’s intuitive app makes it easy for you to create physical or virtual cards for your employees, in seconds. You can categorize all your Bento cards and delegate levels of authority to employees who can help you with day-to-day expense management. It’s that easy.

Set customized spending limits to ensure each employee has visibility into how much they can spend, when, and on what. This gives your team the freedom to do their jobs and offers you peace of mind that your company funds are being spent on things that help your business grow.

In real time, view approved and declined transactions and build spending reports with just a few clicks. Capture and download receipts to gain further insights. Project future budgets and deliver the knowledge and confidence needed to expertly manage your cashflow.

The Bento mobile app gives users access to the information they need most, in real time, from anywhere.

Instantly view and control your team’s spending

  • Update budgets and card limits
  • Turn any card on/off with one tap
  • Monitor transactions and uploaded receipts as they appear

Check card status and report expenses on the go

  • Access all your card info anytime
  • Capture and attach receipts
  • Tag your purchases and add custom notes

Available for Android and Apple smartphones

Straightforward pricing. Try two months for free.

No commitment. No hidden fees. Try Bento for two months for free. See for yourself the bottom-line benefits of better expense management, increased productivity, and powerful analytics. Then, you can choose the plan that best suits your business. For more information, see our Pricing Page.

Up to 2 Cards

$ 0

Free forever

Up to 10 Cards

$ 29

per month

Up to 25 CardsMost Popular

$ 69

per month

Unlimited Cards

$ 149

per month
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