Bento For Business

Using Bento Cards with a Remote Workforce

One of the great things about Bento cards is their incredible versatility. That comes in handy right now that business isn’t usual. I talked to Tyler Watt, one of our customer success specialists, about ways that customers can manage their Bento cards for remote working.

He had five ideas:

Create new cards for delivery purchases: The ability to create virtual cards can help employees who are working remotely access per diem funds and order items for delivery online or over the phone. Tip: To ensure phone and online transactions can be placed when employees are using Bento cards, navigate to the Card Controls for an employee and make sure the Restrict Card Not Present Transactions button is set to OFF. 

Changes to employee spending needs: You can adjust the controls for remote employees in just a few clicks in the event that employees need immediate changes to their usual spend controls. 

Quickly funding your account: Bento provides the ability to fund your account remotely. Standard ACH processing can take up to two days. Wire transfers received by our team before 4:00 PM Central will continue to be processed same-day. We don’t charge for these but your bank might.

Giving employees app access: This way, they can view card controls and balances without reaching out to you via phone call or email. Note: They can only view their balance and controls so the rest of the company information remains safe. 

Using Bento Pay for payables and reimbursements: Instead of going into the office to print out checks, you can stay current on your financial obligations with Bento Pay. You can also make ACH payments through the Bento platform.

Take a moment to check your controls to see if you can help your workers right now. If you need more advice, please contact our support team. If you are not a Bento customer, you can sign up for a 60-day free trial or a demo to see how we can help you adjust to the remote working.