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Finding the best business credit card for your needs

If you need to get credit cards for your company, you will want to find the best business credit cards available. By choosing the right card, you may avoid expensive annual fees, high-interest APRs and the potential of employee fraud. The best credit card for business should help you to limit the spending that your employees can do so that you can stay within your budget and protect your company’s bottom line.

What to look for in the best business credit card

If you apply for a traditional business credit card, your credit will be checked. Each time your credit is checked in connection with a credit application, your score is impacted. The best business credit cards are prepaid debit cards. Since they are not traditional credit cards, your credit score will not be impacted when you apply. They also don’t depend on the strength of your credit, allowing you to obtain the cards even if your business is new or if you have problems on your credit history.

How the business debit cards at Bento for Business work

Bento for Business offers business debit cards that can help you to save money, protect your bottom line and limit your employees’ spending. You can start with up to 10 cards for just $29 per month. When you choose the number of cards that you need, you can then deposit money onto each card according to your business’s budget. These cards allow you to limit each card to specific expenditure categories. For example, an employee who needs to be able to reorder office supplies can be given a card with which he or she can only make those types of purchases. Another employee who has an outside sales route can be given a card with which he or she can make pay-at-the-pump gas purchases. If any of your employees attempt to make purchases with their cards that are outside of your specified spending categories, their transaction attempts will be instantly denied. This feature can help you to prevent employee thefts.

Strong security and protection

Bento for Business’s Visa debit cards for business are insured for up to $250,000 by the FDIC. They use the highest level of SSL-encryption technology to eliminate worries about people being able to hack in and steal your data. As Visa cards, they can be used at any business that accepts Visa, allowing your employees the flexibility that they need to find the best prices.

You are also able to see exactly what your employees are spending at any time by logging into your interactive platform. From there, you can see the balances that are remaining on each card as well as the employees’ transaction histories. If you see problems, you can turn off an individual card instantly with a tap of the on-screen button. Turning on cards for new employees is also straightforward and can similarly be done from your interactive screen. You will have 24-hour access from your mobile device, allowing you to conduct business whenever you need to do so and from wherever you might be.

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