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Construction Business Debit Cards Make Employee Expense Management Easy

Construction is all about being able to orchestrate projects that most people would find cripplingly complex. From moving supplies to build sites to overseeing inspections, your work rarely pauses. You don’t have time to monitor every small purchase, and construction business debit cards can take a lot of the weight off of your shoulders. These cards operate just like regular business debit cards, but they’re geared towards making life way easier for companies that build.

Why might getting a debit card for your construction business be a good idea?

The convenience of seamless instant payments is just one factor. Since cards like Bento for Business come with straightforward digital account management, you get to stay in total control: When it’s time to send someone out on a last-minute supply run or pay off a vendor, you can delegate the work without worrying about what comes next.
What kinds of perks do construction business debit cards offer? The best options include per-card spending limits, intelligent accounting reports and monitoring tools that show you what’s going on from your cell phone. These tools give you the power to decide how your money gets spent, stop employee fraud in its tracks and make accounting way simpler. In other words, you’ll actually have time to pursue leads, land new contracts and complete jobs to the best of your ability.

How can you tell if your construction business might benefit from a debit card?

As a business owner, you’re in a constant struggle to accomplish more with the same limited resources. When evaluating new tools and assets, it’s only natural to think about the costs and benefits. Getting a debit card for your construction business might be a wise idea if you

  • Constantly find yourself pressed for time
  • Need to authorize employees and managers to make purchases when you’re not around
  • Require your drivers to pay for fuel and orders when they’re out transporting equipment or meeting suppliers
  • Want to keep better track of how much you spend on individual jobs
  • Want to take on more jobs or encourage your staff to assume leadership roles

Construction jobs move fast, so you can’t afford to divert your focus from the work at hand. This is especially true for small- to mid-sized construction enterprises that are trying to grow. Running a company takes a dependable team, but it isn’t always possible to build the necessary trust before you need to start working on important projects: You’re inevitably going to have to share the responsibility with others. Shouldn’t you do so with a construction business debit card that keeps you in charge of spending?

How can you get a debit card for your construction business?

Construction business prepaid cards like Bento’s are incredibly affordable, and you don’t have to pay more than you want. For instance, you can set up ten FDIC-insured cards for your employees for as little as $29 per month. You can also start a complimentary 60-day trial to see whether it suits your business, so it’s risk-free.

Getting a construction business debit card is simple with Bento for Business. Learn why smart business leaders are increasingly shifting to the world’s best prepaid debit card by visiting the Bento for Business blog today. Find out more today with a 60-day free trial or by calling 866.220.8455.

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