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Forbes Features Prepaid Corporate Debit Card From Bento

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Prepaid Corporate Employee Expense Cards Solve Small Business Expense Management Woes

Bento is delighted to share some big news: the Bento corporate debit card was recently featured in a Forbes article about corporate prepaid business cards for small businesses.

Eilene Zimmerman is a Forbes contributor who specializes in the technology and apps of the most innovative startups around, so it was an honor for Bento to be featured. Eilene spoke to Bento co-founders for the article to find out more about how a prepaid credit card for small business can help business owners manage employee spending.

Focusing on the Bento small business prepaid corporate credit card as a solution for expert expense management, the article explains exactly how the card works and the benefits to small-business owners. There are a number of reasons prepaid business cards for small businesses are such a successful solution, and as proven by Forbes’ coverage of the Bento card, the Bento solution (including the responsive user platform) is particularly ingenious.

By using corporate debit cards instead of traditional business credit cards, business owners can customize card settings without the risk of cardholders committing fraud (intentional or unintentional) or negatively impacting the business owner’s credit rating. Forbes uses the example of fictional employee driver Joe Smith to demonstrate the control a prepaid credit card for small business offers.

For example, Joe’s Bento Visa debit card is configured to allow him to only use his card at gas stations or stores that specifically sell automotive supplies, so if he tries to put a restaurant meal on the card, the transaction will be declined. The article also covers the daily, weekly, or monthly limits that can be set, depending on each individual card’s usage.

In addition to touching on the features and benefits of the Bento corporate debit card, the article looks at exactly why small businesses need a card that meets their specific needs like the Bento card does: to control spending, keep a tight rein on expense management, avoid personal credit liability, allow for preset spending limits, monitor spending in real time, and activate or disable the card in an instant.

The article also offers some insight into what’s next for Bento, so to find out more about the back-office financial tools that will be available to you through Bento in the future, read the full article at

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