Religious Credit Cards Can Help To Track And Control Expenses

What is a religious credit card?

People and businesses are increasingly turning to debit and credit cards over cash as their preferred payment methods. While churches have been slow to catch up, more are now turning to religious credit card and debit card transactions. In a 2017 survey, 62 percent of churchgoers who were between the ages of 45 and 54 reported that they would prefer to use their credit or debit cards to give tithes to their churches.

In addition to accepting donations from parishioners via cashless payment methods, some churches are also turning to religious credit cards as a method to make payments. Religious credit cards are business credit cards that are used by churches to make payments and purchases.

How does a religious credit card work?

How does a religious credit card work?When churches use religious credit cards to make payments, they can use them to pay all of the church’s regular expenses instead of using reimbursement and check-writing processes. For example, you can use a religious credit card to pay for the utilities for your church or to pay for airfare for an upcoming church conference.

Religious credit cards can be distributed to each of the church’s employees so that they can make purchases for your church as a part of their jobs. However, church credit cards can have some drawbacks that might debit cards for churches a better choice.

Who can benefit the most from using a religious credit or debit card?

Houses of worship of all faiths can benefit by using religious credit cards. These cards are not limited to a specific faith. It is possible for you to secure mosque credit cards, synagogue credit cards, or church credit cards.

Smaller churches, synagogues, and mosques may benefit the most from using the church, synagogue, or mosque credit cards. This is because the cards can help to streamline the expense management processes and to protect your house of worship from fraud.

Why are religious credit cards important?

Religious credit cards of all types, including church cards, synagogue credit cards, and mosque credit cards, are important for several reasons. Religious organizations are particularly vulnerable to fraud. In a survey that was conducted by Fraud Magazine, 13.4 percent of the houses of worship that participated reported that at least one instance of fraud had been perpetrated against them.

Using church, mosque, or synagogue credit cards can help to prevent fraud from occurring. When the religious employees are given cards to use for purchases, the purchases that they make with the cards can be viewed by reviewing the card statements. Credit cards can also be used instead of reimbursement systems and allow you to eliminate petty cash.

How can using a religious prepaid card lessen the chance of fraud?

Religious prepaid cards can also be used to mitigate the risk of fraud. These are cards that your house of worship can purchase. You can decide how much money to place on each card before you distribute them to the employees.

Since you decide how much money to load onto each card, the employees will only be able to spend the amount that you have placed on them. With prepaid cards, your employees also can’t make cash withdrawals, and the cards can allow you to stop petty cash, check-writing, and reimbursement systems that are frequent targets of fraud schemes.

Using a religious prepaid card vs. using cash

Religious credit cards are one of many ways to handle a religious organizations expenses.Prepaid church cards have money that you have loaded onto them. They are plastic cards with credit card numbers and can be used wherever major credit cards are accepted. Using prepaid cards for purchases for your church is safer than using cash.

When you have petty cash at your house of worship for day to day purchases, it may be more tempting to the employees. Switching to cashless payment methods such as prepaid cards or debit cards can help to prevent employees from stealing money. The cards make it easier to track the spending that occurs.

Tracking receipts is a thing of the past with religious debit cards

The best payments solution for houses of worship is an ecclesiastical debit card. The debit cards from Bento for Business have expense control features that make the tracking of receipts unnecessary. You can integrate the cards with popular accounting software programs such as Quickbooks.

When your religious employees use their cards, the transaction data can upload into your accounting program automatically. The employees can take pictures of the receipts and load them along with the transaction data so that they do not have to save the paper receipts.

Using a church debit card vs. using a church credit card

Religious organizations may want to use debit cards instead of credit cards for several reasons. Many churches, mosques, and synagogues try to teach their members about avoiding debt. When they use credit cards, the charges add to the debt of the house of worship. Interest may also be incurred if the balances are not paid off within the month.

Debit cards may be used instead. They will not incur interest charges, and the religious organizations can lead by example by being debt-free. This can serve as an example for the members and the employees of good stewardship.

Religious debit card usage

Religious credit cards vs. religious debit cards.Many churches are turning to debit cards for their employees so that they can help to prevent fraud while also avoiding debt. When religious organizations use debit cards like the Bento for Business Visa debit cards, they can limit their employees’ ability to spend their money. Churches can place limits on where the cards can be used, the types of purchases that the employees can make, and the amounts that the employees are able to spend by the day or week.

Religious organizations are also able to turn the cards on or off by tapping a button on smartphones from the online platforms. If a card is lost or misused, it can be turned off remotely within a couple of minutes.

Religious debit cards make employee reimbursements obsolete

Another feature of the cards from Bento is that you can get rid of reimbursements altogether. The employees can use the cards to make day-to-day purchases instead of using their own money and asking for reimbursements.

Ending reimbursements can benefit both the church and the employees. The workers will not have to wait to be repaid, and the church will not have to worry about inflated expense reports or reimbursement fraud.

Expense policies can be easily enforced with spending controls

Religious credit cards aren't the greatest for expense policies. The ability to limit the religious employees’ spending can help to enforce your church’s expense policies easily. The Bento cards allow you to set restrict what each employee can spend, where the church credit cards can be used, and the types of purchases that they are allowed to make by expense category.

These features can help to enforce your policies about the types of purchases that are allowed and what is not authorized. By logging into your dashboard, you can confirm that your church’s expense policies are being followed by every employee.

Why Bento for Business is one of the best solutions

Bento for Business is a company that was created with the goal of providing organizations with expense control solutions. The company has earned terrific reviews from users and has been profiled in national publications. Bento offers a free 60-day trial so that you can see how the business Visa debit cards might work for your church. For answers to your questions, call us at 866.220.8455.