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Easy Ways to Make B2B Payment Solutions With Bento

Combine the simplicity of consumer payments with enterprise-grade security with our B2B payment solutions. 

Amid a worldwide pandemic nothing seems to be the same, and in this last year, the way we do business has changed. Using Digital forms of payment was an option, but more and more, it’s become a necessity. In order to survive, many businesses have turned their attention to a digital marketplace rather than brick and mortar. This changes the way we do business and the way we process payments. You may ask yourself, ‘Is there a secure way to make B2B payments?’  The answer is yes! Bento has been able to combine the simplicity of consumer payments with enterprise-grade security with B2B payment solutions


Out With The Old And In With The New

Most invoice systems are set up to pay clients, vendors, and payroll via checks. These can either be in the form of paper checks or in the case of payroll ACH. It is estimated that a single business check can cost your company anywhere from $4 to $20 based on the price of the check itself and the shipping.  On top of that cost, you have to take into account the time your finance team spends writing, mailing, collecting, and reconciling the check. The cost just went up significantly. Not to mention that paper checks go through delivery systems such as USPS, this pandemic has caused an overload on such systems causing mail to be weeks to months late, or not arrive at all. Bento Pay™ lets you send digital payments to businesses right from your Bento account. All that is needed is their email address.


B2B Payments Simplified

Send digital payments via email from your Bento account. This alleviates the headache of payment preferences and paper checks. Experience a smooth, confidential digital payment process that will work for you and any vendor you need to pay. Since there is no sensitive bank or card information needed, both sides are well protected. With Bento Pay™ you can create and track all your payments and payees in one place, allow or restrict any of your administration from making payments, and send a B2B payment with just the payee’s address. That means no more writing checks or sharing card information over the phone. It works for any vendor, no matter their payment preference, and because Bento Pay™ is built into your account, you can easily manage all expenses in one place. Bento Pay™ is great for payees too!  They receive B2B payments and choose how they will be paid. There is no need for them to share their sensitive information with you and there is no need to set up an account to get paid. B2B payment solutions have never been easier!


We’re all experiencing new norms, some are more frightening than others. Bento takes your security very seriously, and we know that trust has to be earned. We have developed deep relationships with many partners and providers to ensure we are up to and exceeding industry standard, and that you have all the information and protection you need. Contact us today to see which B2B payment solutions we can offer your company!