More Control, Speed & Security
with Bento Virtual Card API

What is Bento’s Virtual Card API?

A simple payment solution to issue and manage virtual expense
cards via a restful API that can be integrated with any workflow or platform

Card Controls
Spending Limits
Merchant Categories
Active Days
Turn On/Off Cards
Update Billing Address

What Can Our Solution Do for You?
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Bento's Virtual Card API Solution is everything you need--more security, more speed, and more scalability — backed by a support team that helps you grow.

With Bento's Virtual Card API Solution, you’ll be able to ...

  • Build Virtual payment capability into your existing workflow
  • Integrate with your system without heavy IT
  • ​Issue new card accounts, or modify addresses, fast
  • Set limits and control spending for every card
  • Manage permissions and usage
  • Monitor all activity in real-time
    ... all in one place.

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One API. Many Applications.


  • One time use
  • Payment to suppliers
  • Card per supplier

Media Buying

  • Budget or Project cards
  • Client cards
  • One time use

Online purchasing

  • Employee cards
  • Department cards
  • One time use
  • Card on file


  • Rebates to suppliers
  • Registration bonus
  • One time use

Examples of Virtual Card API Uses

Paying Invoices

Company A creates unique virtual
cards for each of their vendors.
The Company uses the cards for payment on the associated vendor invoices, by setting the spending limit of each card for the exact amount due on the invoice. And each card can be turned off until the next invoice is due.

Department Travel

Company B has departments with staff who travel regularly. Each department creates a card designated for travel costs so that each staff member can use their virtual card as needed. The Company restricts the merchant category code for travel only and monitors the resulting spend by the department.

Advertising Clients

Company C buys placements for client's advertising campaigns. To separate the spend associated with each client's campaign the Company generates a unique virtual card for each client. The Company then reconciles the costs for each campaign with each client using their virtual card.

The Many Types of Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are known by several names and have specialized use within organizations. No matter what you call them, all of the cards available through the Bento Virtual Card API can have unique spending limits, merchant category code restrictions and defined active days.

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are real debit card numbers without the plastic. These cards can be generated as needed to distribute to employees or to pay suppliers. Each virtual card can have set spending limits depending on the needs of the organization. Virtual cards can be used for one or more charges. 

Purchasing Cards

Purchasing cards or P-cards are a form of virtual company card issued to employees who can then purchase goods and services within certain restrictive limits. Cards can have spending and merchant category code limits applied on them. P-Cards typically are used for longer time periods by individuals.

Ghost Cards

Ghost cards are typically linked to a higher spending limit and given to departments/end users to allow for approved purchases. Organizations may provide ghost cards to their suppliers to pay invoices as necessary. A ghost card can improve purchasing efficiency in many organizations. They can be used for one or more vendors. Learn More

Fast. Secure. Flexible.

Instant Issuance & Activation

Bento’s virtual card API allows you to issue new virtual debit cards instantly that can be activated and used in minutes.

Safe PCI Compliant Platform

Your account and treasury is secured by a PCI DSS compliant platform with 256-bit SSL encryption. 

Fast and easy
to implement

The API integration is simple, and often takes less than two weeks to put into production. Full documentation is provided.


No setup fees. No card fees. No interest charges or late fees. We like to keep this straightforward with no surprises.

​Better Controls vs. Credit Cards

Set spending, merchant category and active day limits. Turn cards on/off or change billing address. Or create custom alerts. 

Scales to Any Size

Built with flexibility and capacity to grow with your business and handle any size implementation. 

The Virtual Card Solution for Your Industry

What Industries benefit from our virtual card solution? Here’s a selected
list below. If you don’t see your industry on the list below, just ask.

  • Corporate Travel
  • Media Buying
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Ecommerce
  • Transportation
  • Procurement
  • Advertising
  • Non-Profits