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Celebrating Labor Day and Hard Work

 In the United States and Canada, the first Monday of September is set aside to honor America’s workers. The tradition of celebrating Labor Day in late summer began in 1882. Labor Day was set as a national holiday on the first Sunday in September by President Grover Cleveland in 1894. The holiday was moved to the first Monday after the first Sunday in September by Congress in 1968. 

Once the day was declared, it was time to celebrate, and celebrating Labor Day generally means cookouts, hot dogs, and beer. It’s often a bittersweet holiday, especially in places where folks look forward to a long winter. In meteorological terms, Labor Day marks the first week of Fall. Swimming pools, ice cream stands, and amusement parks start closing for the season, and children head back to school.

Thanks to its association with the school year, many adults think of the year as beginning in September. The NFL season gears up to begin. Retailers get ready for holiday shoppers, sales people find customers available for meetings instead of out on vacations, and coffee shops add pumpkin spice to everything.

It’s exhilarating.

We talk to our customers every day, so we know how hard you all work. We hope you enjoy the celebration on Monday and feel energized to return to work on Tuesday. We’ll be back, too, ready to help your business grow.