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QuickBooks Desktop

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Use Transaction Pro Importer for seamless upload of Bento transaction files

Currently, a separate software called Transaction Pro Importer is needed to move Bento data into QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise). More info.

  • Custom map Bento data, including vendor names, to those in QuickBooks
  • Automatically check for duplicates
  • Preview and edit transactions prior to importing

QuickBooks Online

No more manual exporting and importing of CSV files!

  • Real-time sync saves hours in bookkeeping
  • All receipts, transaction notes and tags—as well as any new changes in Bento—will be synced
  • Automatic custom mapping of Bento categories to QuickBooks chart of accounts

Easy Setup

For QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Purchase and install Transaction Pro Importer.
  2. Download your Bento transactions as a CSV file.
  3. Load into Transaction Pro Importer and follow the prompts on screen.

For QuickBooks Online

  1. Go to Transactions in your Bento web app.
  2. Click “Connect to QuickBooks” and enter your QuickBooks Online credentials.
  3. Follow the set up prompts on screen.
  4. Choose Automatic Sync (recommended) or Manual Sync.
  5. You have the option to custom map Bento transaction categories to QuickBooks chart of accounts.
  6. More info.
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