Bento and Google Pay

Add your Bento card for a secure way to pay on-the-go.

Check out with Bento and Google Pay™ and enjoy the same protection and benefits you always get with your card.


Shop securely

When you use your Bento card with Google Pay, you can be confident knowing your purchases and account information are protected.


We help keep your account safe with fraud monitoring technology and zero liability

unlock your phone@2x

Almost all purchases require you to unlock your phone.


Your card number is never shared with the merchant or stored on
your device.

How to add your card to Google Pay

Have your Bento fixed value cards or spend limit cards ready — it only takes a few seconds.

set up@2x
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Open the Google Pay app on your

add card@2x
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Tap “Payment” and then “Add.”

take a pic@2x
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Snap a pic of your card or
enter the details manually

How to make your Bento card your
default card

Automatically get all the benefits of your Bento card every time you use Google Pay.

set up@2x
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Open the Google Pay app
on your phone.

choose bento card@2x
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Tap “Payment” and then choose your Bento card.

Page 1 Image 23

Turn on “Default for instore purchases.”

Where and how to use Google Pay

It’s easy to use your Bento Visa® card with Google Pay in stores, in apps and online.

Virtual Card Main IMG

In Stores

Unlock your phone and hold it near the terminal.

bento wide 30

In apps and online

Choose Google Pay at checkout and complete the payment with FaceID, TouchID or Passcode.

Accepted Payment Methods

Look for contactless and Google Pay symbols at the checkout.


Contactless payments anywhere

google wallet

Use Google Pay at stores and online

Accepted cards

All Bento fixed value cards and spend limit cards are accepted in Google Pay.

Accepted cards@2x