Corporate Cards

Supercharge Your Business with Bento All-In-One Corporate Cards

An all-in-one corporate card helps reduce overhead and administration by eliminating the need for multiple types of cards, such as p-cards, fuel cards, or travel and expense cards. When using Bento’s all-in-one card, companies can create profiles for every employee and set controls for how they will use their card.

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The Power of Debit Cards

Do you struggle with managing your company or department accounts?

The Bento for Business Debit Card Helps You Stick to Your Budget

Bento corporate cards are debit cards, not credit cards. Debit cards free you to focus on building your business, without having to worry about overspending, annual and late fees, or extra charges. Unlike prepaid cards that require manual loading, Bento cards are funded by your Bento account and enforce pre-authorized budgets and spending limits based on your expense policy. As your team grows and changes, you can easily add, remove, and edit cards in your account.

  • Flexible monthly plans
  • Spend only what you have budgeted
  • Always know where your money is going

How Bento Cards Work

Do you spend too much time dealing with expense management and no
time on spend management?

Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use.

Control when, where, and how much employees can spend with their Bento cards. Distribute employee cards with account login to individual staff members, or create utility cards for shared usage among team members. Plus, you can delegate levels of authority to admins who can help you with day-to-day expense management. It’s that easy.

  • Simple online sign-up
  • Set card controls and turn them on or off instantly
  • Manage all users, cards and transactions in one place

Like Cash Without the Headaches

Do you struggle with managing cash flow or keeping your books

Bento Helps You Focus on Running Your Business

No more tracking down lost receipts and spending hours on expense reports. All transaction data and uploaded receipts appear instantly in your Bento account.

  • Automate expense policies with Bento cards – unauthorized transactions are declined instantly
  • Export custom expense reports with a few clicks, or sync with QuickBooks
  • Set alerts for account and spending activities
Business colleagues use the Bento for Business spend management app on a smartphone

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