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Control Business Spending With Secured Prepaid Debit Cards

You’re passionate about running a company, but it’s not all glory. For every ounce of positive gain, you face tons of challenges, and with each triumph, something new has the potential to go wrong. If you’d prefer not to lose your footing along the way, then you’ll need to get a firm handle on the reins of your spending practices. Here’s how to get a grip with secured prepaid debit cards.

So how do secured prepaid debit cards work?

Like most business leaders, you probably want to distinguish your company from the crowd. Starting with a payment solution that separates itself from other cards might be a good start. Secured business spending cards use an arsenal of defensive tools to promote improved enterprise practices. From SSL certificates backed by reputable organizations like Digicert to PCI DSS compliant platforms, these tools go above and beyond traditional credit payment methods.
Another critical security difference revolves around the practical fundamentals of prepaid tools. Since these cards operate by letting you reload their funds whenever you feel the need, they automatically include hard spending limits. This fact deters internal fraud and theft so that you don’t have to roll the dice on unproven trust.

How do secured prepaid cards outpace traditional alternatives?

Sticking to secure data-sharing and data-transmission standards means that prepaid debit cards are far better at making your life easier. Since these cards can send information safely, you gain access to a broader range of vital feedback and insights, such as:

  • High FDIC insurance limits backed by lower general risk
  • Shareable reports concerning ongoing spending trends
  • Dashboard tools that let you restrict purchases according to their values, transaction locations, or custom per-card limits
  • Digital reports and receipts that eliminate the need for paperwork or complicated reimbursement tracking
  • Fraud alerts that keep you in the loop before it’s too late to stop theft
  • Expense request tools that employees can use to secure funds for materials or projects

Who are secured prepaid cards really for?

The great thing about secured prepaid debit payment solutions is that they’re not just for corporate leaders. Sure, you may use one to fund purchases that only you ought to make, but it’s just as simple to set up multiple cards for your workers and staff. Want to keep your delivery drivers topped off while they’re out on their routes? Cards like Bento for Business can help. Need to authorize store or location managers to make unplanned purchases safely without taking the chance that they might overstep their bounds? Bento for Business is the ideal SSL-compliant solution that delivers the ultimate level of control.
In business, it’s best to stay on your toes, but you also need to institute rigorous standards to keep your company running the way you want. Secured prepaid debit card solutions make the perfect tools for establishing the best practices that help your firm stay profitable and keeping your assets out of harm’s way.

Nip fraud, internal theft and unauthorized purchases in the bud. Expand on a more sound footing by establishing top-down corporate spending rules that enforce themselves. Experiment with genuine success by trying Bento for Business. Get start with a free 60-day trial or call us at 866.220.8455.

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