Bento For Business

Navigating Through A Crisis: Managing New Risk Around Cash Management.

Spend Management for Business Through a Crisis

Spend management for business is a crucial part of the leadership process. Managing a business on a day to day basis can be difficult enough, add in a worldwide pandemic and you may begin to feel like you’re losing control. This is an unprecedented time, keeping your business active and moving is key to its success. Bento for Business is designed to help you take back control of your spend management for business. Scaling back in the field and the office is infinitely important during this crisis.

Ultimate Empowerment

Controlling spend management for business is your goal and Bento for Business is ready to assist! Corporate Credit Cards have been a leak in the rowboat of success for many years. With reimbursements post spending, there is no control over purchases. This leaves vast room for fraudulent charges and overspending. With Bento Virtual Visa Debit Cards, the control lies squarely in your hands. Ready to use as soon as created, you set spending limits and view all transactions in real-time. Control spending limit, which merchants may be used, which days the card is available, and which days it’s turned off. If there is a need outside the set parameters, you allow the purchase with a click from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Deciding where to spend your money is now back in your full control with less work.

Spend Management for Business Accounting

Eliminate the need for expense accounts with pre-approved controls and AI receipt capture. Every business professional knows that time is money. In today’s corporate setting, working smarter instead of harder is key to success. Countless hours of paperwork for your team can generate an expenditure that is unnecessary with Bento for Business. Every transaction can be tagged to organize spending. With Bento tags, you can create a tag to keep all expenses related to a particular project in one place. Take it one step further with Bento notes. You can add a note to a transaction such as those in attendance for a client dinner or mileage with each fill-up for a driver. Bento notes and tags can highlight your spend management for business and take your unstructured data and conform it to a valuable planning and spending tool.

Enjoy spending management for a business with Bento for Business. Below are six ways to save money and control your business spending:

● Turn card off/on at any time.
● Set up flexible spending amounts that make sense for your business.
● Limit spending to work days only.
● Restrict merchant categories to prevent unauthorized use.
● Turn on international use only when needed for security.
● Allow online and telephone purchasing (card not present restriction).

Allow Bento for Business to simplify and streamline your business needs, and help ease the burden of navigating through a crisis while managing new risk around cash management.