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Organizations run on cash flow. It’s critical to meeting payroll, covering expenses, and expanding operations. It can also be hard to track and prone to leakage. That’s where Bento’s controls come in. You can give your employees the power they need to spend money to do their jobs while protecting your cash balance. By putting your physical, online, and electronic payments in one place, you can see how your spending is tracking to make better business decisions. Best of all? It all syncs with your accounting system.

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Our spending controls and payments platform are designed to improve your cash flow. Our customers report savings the very first month of use. It’s real money that can be invested in future growth and success.

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See Your Spending

The Bento financial operating platform allows you to control your spending before it happens so you can fully understand your working capital cycle and plan for the future.

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Control Your Expenses

With Bento you can monitor your cash flow up to the minute, avoid surprises from fraud or lack of funds, and understand the best operation strategies to take.

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Grow Your Business

Bento helps you take stock of your finances, so you’re prepared for the challenges of delivering resources and growing your business.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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We've been using the Bento service for about 2 years now ... it's been a great experience and has improved cash flow over the last couple of years. I've recommended it to several other business owners.


How will you use Bento?

Here are some popular ways

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Gas or Fuel Cards

Track & control fuel-only purchases; assign one card per vehicle.

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Employee Cards

Bento’s Give each employee a Bento card to track expenses & get alerts.

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Project Cards

Assign a card for each project, supervisor, or area

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Virtual Cards

Instantly create cards for one-off purchases, subscriptions, vendor payments, etc. (Available upon request)

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Expense Cards

Control how much you spend on office supplies, subscriptions, etc.

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Petty Cash Cards

Stop expense leaks caused by hard-to-track cash

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