Company Cashflow Protection

Powerful controls and information to run your organization better

Organizations run on cash flow. It’s critical to meeting payroll, covering expenses, and expanding operations. It can also be hard to track and prone to leakage. That’s where Bento’s controls come in. You can give your employees the power they need to spend money to do their jobs while protecting your cash balance. By putting your physical, online, and electronic payments in one place, you can see how your spending is tracking to make better business decisions. Best of all? It all syncs with your accounting system.

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We've been using the Bento service for about 2 years now ... it's been a great experience and has improved cash flow over the last couple of years. I've recommended it to several other business owners.
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How will you use Bento? Here are some popular ways

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Gas or Fuel Cards

Track & control fuel-only purchases; assign one card per vehicle.

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Per diem Cards

For travelers or to provide employee perks like free meals

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Vendor-specific cards

For when you want to track and manage spend for specific vendors or tasks

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Ghost cards

To manage one-off payments to third parties without sharing your primary card details

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Subscription cards

To better track spend and prevent unwanted ‘automatic renewals’

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Purchasing cards

To allow authorized personnel to buy goods and services