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Business Prepaid Debit Cards for Employees

If your business relies upon empowering your people to make purchases when you’re not around to manage them, you should consider obtaining business prepaid debit cards for employees. If your drivers are on the road or your salespeople are in the field, they may need to purchase fuel, supplies, or even meals. You will have a tool to allow your employees to make the right purchases but not the wrong ones. With employee business debit cards, you can enable your staff to work efficiently while maintaining control over the way they spend your company’s money.

How do business prepaid debit cards for employees work?

Because business prepaid debit cards for employees may prove very useful to companies that employ drivers, Fleet Owner Magazine highlighted some features of these cards that will explain how they work:
Why use business debit cards for employees?

  • Your business can qualify for these employee business debit cards without using personal or business credit scores.
  • You are able to apply for and manage business debit cards for employees with your computer or mobile device.
  • You can securely transfer funds from your bank account within the app as well.
  • You can get employee business debit cards in each employee’s own name, and the employee can use the card for purchases just like any name-brand debit or credit card.
  • The system includes an intuitive dashboard that allows you to set rules for use, transfer funds, and see reports of purchases.

One of the strongest features of business prepaid debit cards for employees is that you can easily establish rules for how they are to be used. For instance, you might allow your company’s drivers to use their cards to buy gas or service the vehicle; however, you may exclude other kinds of retailers.

Certainly, you can communicate your expense rules to each person who receives business debit cards for employees. At the same time, you don’t have to rely upon every employee to completely remember or follow your expense policies. You can set rules within the app for the acceptable uses of business prepaid debit cards for employees. If the employee attempts to make a purchase where you don’t allow him to, the purchase will get declined.

In addition, the system will notify when a merchant declines the card. This gives you the chance to prevent unauthorized use of your business prepaid debit cards for employees before it ever happens. It’s up to you to decide if you should penalize or counsel your employee about future purchases.

You can try business prepaid debit cards for employees without risk

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