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How does the best secured credit card for business work?

As a small business owner, you may need the convenience that can be afforded to you by getting secured business credit cards. The best secured credit card for your business should also come with the types of features that your business needs to help you to control spending and to prevent internal thefts. The business Visa debit cards that are offered by Bento for Business come with robust features that help small business owners to control expenses while preventing employee fraud.

What to look for in the best secured credit card for your business

The best secured credit card is one that does not depend on your credit. You only have to deposit money into your account, and your cards can then be used to make needed purchases. You will not be charged high interest rates or substantial annual fees. You will also be able to institute tight spending controls by limiting the types of purchases that your employees can make and capping the amounts on each card.

The best secured credit cards offer you the ability to define the allowable spending categories on each card. This means that you can limit an employee who must drive for his or her job to pay for gasoline at the pump while preventing him or her from making other purchases inside of the station. You can give another employee the ability to pay your business lease and utility bills without being able to purchase anything else. Your ability to define the allowed spending categories on every card can help you to prevent credit card abuse by your employees. The cards are Visas, allowing your employees to make the purchases that they need to make from most businesses in the U.S.

Security with the best secured credit cards

It is important that your cards and money are secure. Bento for Business uses the same high-level encryption technology that is used by banks. This security helps to protect your money and your sensitive information from would-be thieves and hackers. The cards can’t be used to make withdrawals, affording you more protection. Your account is protected by the FDIC and is insured up to $250,000. You will also be able to see exactly what has been spent at any given time by logging into your account.

Tracking expenses

Since you can choose the allowed spending categories on each card, expense management can be much simpler. You can import the information from each card directly into your accounting software. This may make it much easier for your accounting professional to prepare your financial reports and your taxes. You can also see exactly how much is being spent in each category by viewing your cards on your interactive dashboard. This can help you to identify any changes that you need to make so that you can fine-tune your company’s budget.

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At Bento for Business, we understand that it is important for small business owners to make certain that their cards are the best options for them. We offer free 60-day trials on our business Visa debit cards so that you will have the ability to determine whether or not our cards are the right choice for you. To get started now, simply fill out our online form or give us a call at 866.220.8455. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.