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Information is the lifeblood of a commercial venture, whether it’s a small business that’s locally run or an establishment that offers its services across the country. In the construction industry particularly, it is important to keep up with technological developments, licensing requirements, availability of tools and supplies as well as current, sector specific news and best practices. The following is a list of highly rated publications and websites for contractors where you can find this information.

Offline construction publications

Construction Today: This is a quarterly magazine that has a readership of almost 20,000 subscribers in Philadelphia. Although it covers the 5 county region that includes Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh Valley, Reading and Central and Southern New Jersey, the information is applicable to the entire North Eastern United States.

The publication is divided into several sections including design, development, labor, government safety, and emerging trends. Because each of these is handled by a separate department of the content staff, the magazine offers a comprehensive look at the happenings of the construction industry and noteworthy projects in the area.

The Constructor: Deemed as the mouthpiece of the construction industry in the country as a whole, the Constructor is bi-monthly publication available to Associated General Contractors of America members. The magazine offers extensive coverage of the construction industry and the issues plaguing it along with an analysis of trends and topics such as insurance, regulatory practices and safety. It also provides practical advice for industry experts and small business owners on legal matters as well as labor management.

The Modern Contractor Solutions: This is a monthly publication that is designed to offer information on the daily operational and business requirements of general contractors. Whether you are working on site or in the office, you will find this magazine to be a valuable source of information on various factors that impact a construction project.

The popularity of the magazine can be gauged by the fact that it has a readership of almost 40,000. Apart from informative articles, it also serves as a resource for business and equipment for general, concrete and commercial contractors.

The roofing contractor magazine: Although this magazine deals with a specific branch of the construction industry, it merits a reading because it is considered by many to be the definitive source of details pertaining to roofing projects. It is specifically written for distributors, roofing and other contractors.

The publication covers a variety of topics including equipment and product news, updates on new technology, product comparison, trends, project profiles and surveys as well as columns on computers, legality, safety and business practices. The magazine is only available in the United States

Online construction publications

Contractors World Magazine: This publication has the widest reach of all construction related magazines that are digitally released. With over 100,000 subscribers for each issue and readers in 160 countries, you can be sure that you can find information on every aspect of the construction sector through this publication.

The best part is the digital magazine boasts of built in interactivity that not only takes away from the clutter of regular websites but also offers the precise information that you are looking for on the double. Apart from the written word, you can also find interviews and construction site survey videos which add to the takeaway from the magazine. The Contractor’s World magazine can be read at

The Green Home Builder: This is an online publication that focuses on environmentally friendly building practices. In this magazine, you will find information on the latest trends in green building and energy efficient home installations. The readership of this publication includes CEO’s, architects, contractors, remodelers and even home owners. The magazine is available at

Construction Dive: This site offers news that matters in 60 seconds flat. The stories are refreshed throughout the day which makes this online publication a dynamic news site which can also be accessed on your mobile devices. So, wherever you are, it will be possible to keep a tab on the happenings of the industry. To access the website, go to You can also download apps on the page

The Builder Magazine: This publication comes courtesy of the National Association of Home Builders. So, you can expect exhaustive coverage of technology, marketing practices, products, designing and construction. The publication will not only prove insightful for general contractors but also for architects and civil engineers. To read it online, you can go to and for a subscription, you can go to


The Associated General Contractors of America: The website of this agency can be visited at Not only will you be able to access the AGC newsletter and e-forums once you sign up for a membership but also you will be able to connect with various chapters of the AGC, attend events hosted by them and get in touch with other members.

The Associated Builders and Contractors Inc: This is another trade association that is linked to the construction sector, with over 21,000 members and 70 chapters that provide support when it comes to winning projects and completing them on time with attention to both safety and profitability. To find out more about how the agency works and if you should be a part of the group, you can go to

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