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Introducing Department: Team-Level Control Over Your Cards

The Bento for Business team is excited to introduce our newest feature: department! Now live in your account, this feature allows admins and business owners to group Bento cards into departments and assign department leads who can manage the cards.

Full-access admins and business owners still retain full control over all aspects of the account (including departments), whereas department leads only have access to the cards and transactions in their own department.

What’s great about the department feature?

Simply put, department makes it easy for you to categorize all your Bento cards and delegate more control to employees who can help you with day-to-day expense management. This level of categorization extends to multiple parts of your account: Manage Cards, Transactions, and Settings.

A new layer of control over your cards: Spend less time sorting through your cards and transactions. Filter them by department in the Manage Cards / Transactions sections of your account.

A new layer of control over your employees: Leave day-to-day management of team spending to managers you trust. Assign department leads who can manage multiple cards on one dashboard, thereby helping you control and track the employees who use these cards.

We also provide additional settings to make the department feature safe and flexible for you. At any time, the access permission of a department lead can be toggled between Full Access and View Only. It’s your choice to authorize a department lead to be able to adjust the card limits and transaction info in their department, or only allow them to view cards and download transactions.

How to use the department feature?

Great question! Read all about it in this support article.

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